Kerala Regressive Keralites Feudal Women Entry Sabarimala

Entry of women to Sabarmala temple has been made an issue of women equality.

In fact it is a question of following the religious practices of a religionin this case Hinduism.

It is not a question of denying women their rights.

Please read my article on this in detail here.

Now this incident and the supreme court judgement allowing women entry to Sabarimala is being used to insult Keralites on their intelligence, literacy, their value systems.

In an article, except is provided with Link is provided towards the close of this article., the article questions the fabric of Keralites’ Society.

The thrust of the article rests on the following points.

1.Kerala is a highly literate.

2.It has a pariarchal system and its values are feudal.

3. Despite high literacy rate, the State is regressive.

The article goes on to add that Kerala is mired in superstition and blind belief.

Those who know Kerala or Keralites can only laugh at this.

1. Is it that literacy is incompatible with Faith and value systems?

Probably the writer of the article is more learned than Max Planck, Einstein,Nicholas Tesla, Einstein, Issac Newton.

2. Kerala is probably the only place where Mariarchical system was followed and is followed.

Marumakka Thaayam is probably something the writer never heard of.

Kerala ,Feudal?

Please tour Kerala.


A state that had 30,000 Hindus massacred by Tipu Sultan,still respects Muslims,

Lord Ayyappa, Sabarimala goes to sleep daily only after Harivarasanam by Sri. Jesudoss,a practicing Christian

I can add more.

The writer of the article is N.P.Ashley.

Even though a lot of people had reservations about the Supreme Court verdict which lifted the ban on women of menstrual ages from entering the Sabarimala temple, it was largely expected that, like the famous declaration of the Temple Entry Proclamation which allowed the lower caste groups temple entry in Kerala in 1936, women would just start going to the temple by and by. With all the claims of literacy, good healthcare system and the resultant general progressiveness of Kerala, it largely seemed like a reasonable expectation...

Three aspects of Kerala society throw light on the typicality of the developments: one, Kerala is a hyper consumerist, middle class society in which party supporters behave like consumers with a sense of entitlement. Politicians are only capable of giving what these supporters like and want. This should explain how the state committees of national parties have decided to take a position contradicting their national leadership. Two, though Kerala somersaulted into a global economy in 1970s itself, its values are completely feudal: a huge house, marrying off a daughter in all pomp and glory, and strict allegiance to family, community or party are still cherished.

The cocktail of feudal values and capitalist life-conditions provides the third aspect of the Kerala society: misogyny. Sabarimala is only one of the spaces in Kerala where women have no entry. Public spaces are largely inaccessible to unaccompanied women after nightfall, places of worship, festival venues and grounds are male homosocial havens, mass media and entertainment industries revolve around a handful of male icons, in many households women continue to belong to the kitchen and drawing rooms are still men’s, and lastly and most importantly, political and cultural discussions are held by men, of men and for men (even feminism is just another discussion topic for men!). In short, Kerala’s public sphere is saturated with male bodies and their understanding of the world.’

Reference and citation.

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