Disappearing Temple Of Shiva By Muruga Sthambeshwar



There is a Temple of Lord Shiva which disappears only to reappear.



Legends say that this Temple was built by Kartikeya, called Murugan in Tamil, after he killed Tarakasura.(Kumararika kanda, Skanda Puarna)


The Temple is in the Gulf of Cambay in Gujarat.


 This Lingam of Lord Shiva can only be viewed during the low tide hours and gets disappeared inside the sea during high tide hours. Stambheswar.imagejpg..
This Lingam of Lord Shiva can only be viewed during the low tide hours and gets disappeared inside the sea during high tide hours. Stambheswar.







The Temple is gets totally submerged into the Sea during the high tide hours and as the tide starts to get low it again starts emerging out of the sea inch by inch, unveiling the 4 feet high Shiva lingam.


It is ideal to plan a trip for at least whole day and night, so that you can see and enter the temple in the early morning low tide hours and can also meditate in the quite, peaceful surrounding of the temple.

Restaurants are available.


There is an Ashram nearby where free lunch is available.


At the high tide you can watch it submerge slowly.


It is 52 Km from Vadodara.


Guide for Darshan Timing,


Tithi Vad/Sud                                                Hour/Minutes

Ekam 09 – 45 am 03 – 45 am
beej 10 – 30 am 04 – 30 am
Trij 11 – 15 am 05 – 15 am
Choth 12 – 00 pm 06 – 00 am
pancham 07 – 00 am 01 – 30 pm
chhath 07 – 45 am 01 – 34 pm
Satam 08 – 30 am 02 – 30 pm
Aatham 09 – 15 am 03 – 15 pm
num 10 – 00 am 04 – 00 pm
dasham 10 – 45 am 04 – 45 pm
Agiyarash 05 – 30 pm 01 – 30 pm
barash 06 – 30 pm 12 – 30 pm
terash 07 – 15 pm 01 – 15 pm
chaudash 08 – 00 pm 02 – 00 pm
Purnima/ Amash 09 – 00 pm 03 – 00 pm


Shree Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple

Kavi – Kamboi, Taluka : Jambusar,

Dist : Bharuch  Phone : 02644 230501

Mobile : +91 9723622200 , +91 9426878023


Citation and for Travel arrangement.



3 Replies to “Disappearing Temple Of Shiva By Muruga Sthambeshwar”

  1. I have lived in vadodra for nearly 30 years and visited this site in the early days when it was not so famous along my school children as part of day picnic.
    Though it seems exotic it is dangerous as at low tide , people are tempted to walk into the gulf following the receding tide and have no idea when the tide will return. There has been instances of a college student being lost with the incoming tide .
    So be aware of this as you visit the temple.


  2. It shows the real beauty of nature.
    please visit “http://knownunknownwithus.blogspot.in/”


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