Kanchi Periyavar Warning Telegram Rajiv Gandhi Assassination

There is a news item that the Kanchi Periyavar sent a telegram to PMO's office, on the impending danger to Rajiv Gandhi's Life, in March 1981. This was before Rajiv Gandhi's assassination in May 1981. "“..Dear Sri Rajiv,there’s a serious threat to your life in the month of May in Tamil Nadu..Please do not visit this state during May,1991..If you still have a compelling reason to do so,please visit the Kanchi Math first and seek the divine blessings of His Holiness Sri Sankara Bhagawatpada and then go ahead with your tour of Tamil Nadu..”"

There is a news item that the Kanchi Periyavar sent a telegram to PMO’s office, on the impending danger to Rajiv Gandhi‘s Life, in March 1981.


This was before Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in May 1981.


Lotus feet of Kanchi Periyavar.Image.jpg.
Lotus feet of Kanchi Periyavar.



““..Dear Sri Rajiv,there’s a serious threat to your life in the month of May in Tamil Nadu..Please do not visit this state during May,1991..If you still have a compelling reason to do so,please visit the Kanchi Math first and seek the divine blessings of His Holiness Sri Sankara Bhagawatpada and then go ahead with your tour of Tamil Nadu..””


This , the report claims, that the PMO did not take seriously.


I cross checked the information.


There is no evidence either confirming or denial.


Hoax Slayer also has no information on this.


Kanchi Mutt can clear the air.


On a midnight some time during the month of March,1991..

A telegram delivery boy hurriedly walked into former India prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s personal secretariat…He delivered an urgent telegram paper to an authorized person there…He later asked that person to immediately hand it over to Rajiv Gandhi..

That telegram was sent by the office of His Holiness the Paramacharya of Kanchi Kama Kothi Peetham,Shri.Chandrasekharendra Saraswati..

It was a highly confidential message,from His Holiness,carrying some very important instructions meant to be conveyed to Rajiv Gandhi..Rajiv Gandhi at that time was on a whirlwind tour of Northern India campaigning for his party’s victory in the next general elections….

Surprisingly,for some strange reasons..

This crucial telegram message has never reached Rajiv Gandhi..Although the exact reasons for such an irresponsible act are so far not known,what remains now to be known is that why such an important message from the holy Paramacharya,whom Rajiv Gandhi very reverentially follows,was not conveyed to him..

Did anyone deliberately hide it from Rajiv Gandhi or was that just a routine human error..??..Or was there any other large scale criminal conspiracy that prevented that telegram from reaching Rajiv Gandhi..





  1. I would like to add my 2 cents to this conversation. I am leaning on my memory from what I read in the Tamil weekly Ananda Vikatan sometime in the late nineties. Shri. T.N.Seshan (TNS) had retired as CEC then and was writing a weekly series about important events in his life. I think we all can trust TNS.

    It’s a public record that TNS was the Cabinet Secretary from March 1989 to December 1989 when Rajiv Gandhi(RG) was PM before becoming Chief Election Commissioner from Dec 1990 to Dec 1996. We also know that TNS was an ardent devotee of Periyavaa. In one of his weekly writings, TNS wrote that Kanchi Mutt had informed RG thru’ fax message about the impending danger for his life in TN, during his planned May 1991 visit. The message also advised RG to postpone/cancel his TN visit then. According to TNS the warning did reach RG, who brushed it aside saying that a people’s leader like him should not be cancelling programs based on religious prophecies. Rest is history.

    Imagine what India could have been with a transformed RG with his modern outlook, leading the country. Instead we had a string of weak, inept and corrupt coalition governments (except ABV’s) until Aug’14. It took 23 years for India to recover from the loss of RG, to get a strong central government and hopefully India will utilize this opportunity to pull ahead – Paneer


    1. Mr.Chandrashekar,for your information.
      Mr.Panner, I would be useful if you can provide the link or the date of the issue when this information has appeared.
      As to Rajiv gandhi’s leadership. we might have inherited more scams!
      After all he holds the record being the first to deal in crore in Corruption in Bofors.


      1. Dear Mr.Ramani, Greetings and Happy Sunday. As regards the link or date of any Ananda Vikatan(AV) issue in which TNS’s article appeared, I do not have them on hand. I will have to e-mail AV to check if they have electronically archived the series written by TNS or else during my next Chennai visit this summer I will try to visit AV office archives and locate it myself. Another option I am thinking of is e-mailing TNS and check if he can provide us with any information on this topic. Will keep you posted. You are right. It was during RG’s time we came across a multi-crore scandal. In spite of this, I am of opinion he had a grand vision of transforming India to a modern democracy and many of the IT initiatives were introduced during his tenure – C-DOT, C-DAC etc. Would you not agree he was far better than the egoistic and power greedy lot who followed him. During 1991 I felt he had learnt his lessons, was a changed leader and would have been a steady hand at the center. Anyhow these are my views and I was not in any significant position anytime to know all the facts about the political happenings. 

        It’s surely is a nice experience to recollect old memories and happenings in India and thanks for providing me an opportunity for it. All the best with your blogging and I will get back to you if I find anything from AV or TNS. Regards Shekar


  2. Nothing prevents Mutt from clarifying. They have an active PR Dept.

    Obviously it is a hoax mail & hence Mutt is keeping quiet.


  3. When a matter of this serious nature is reported and that too from the Kanchi Mutt, how could the Government discard the warning and went ahead with the tour of the former Prime Minister? There are good number of souls to call this as a hoax. So be it. The otherwise investigative journalists have also not looked into the veracity of the telegram. People like me have so much respect and faith in the Mutt that there cannot be a false alarm from the Mutt.


      1. Truth should come out.If it is true, then the question is who prevented this valuable information from Rajiv Gandhi?Govt had no role in it as the alleged telegram was sent to the Rajiv Gandhi only and not to the Government of the day.


      2. Mr.Gupta Hope you have read my posts on Rajiv assassination implication of the bigwigs,who I have named,Mossad Intelligence,TN Govt,TN politician details


  4. There is no doubt that the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi was meticulously planned.There are reports that the conspiracy to eliminate him was hatched in a five star hotel of Paris after a meeting between Quattorochi of Bofors notoriety and Anthony Balasinghan of LTTE.As per reports their conversation is being recorded by the French intelligence and it is with France, Israel and USA.When a question about this report was raised in the Lok Sabha by V.K.Malhotra of BJP and Ramjilal Suman of SP on April 27, 2007 the Government decline to probe the matter.(how could they?After all Quattorochi was a friend of Maino family.)Barring this last tour Sonia Gandhi accompanied Rajiv to all places during poll campaign.There are several issues to be answered in the murder of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.


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