Tirupati Balaji Rings Bells Grants Permission 1979

At that time,right from a street urchin to the holy Lord,the whole of Tirumala was in a very deep sleep…All the otherwise busy streets of the holy temple town were wearinga vacant look.. Except an occasional sound here and there,the whole of the Tirumala hill shrine wasfilled with absolute silence.. And exactly during that dark hour… Breaking all the silence… This miracle occurred and occurred quite suddenly taking the entire hill shrine of Tirumala by surprise. Thong…Thonggg…Thonggggg..

The Tirumala Tirupathi Temple of Lord Balaji had to be closed down in November 1979.


Lotus feet of Lord Venkateswara,Balaji, Tirupati.Imge.jpg
Lotus feet of Lord Venkateswara,Balaji, Tirupati.


The Executive officer,PVRK Prasad mulled over this decision.



Then ,


Finally,after every member of his staff left his chambers,a lonely PVRK Prasad stood up in his place and silently offered his prayers to Lord Sri Venkateswara..



“..Swamy Sri Venkateswara,as Your humble servant I have always done my best for You and for Your devotees..


Then why these hurdles for me and what is this ordeal..??..


I now need Your guidance and approval immediately..


Please offer..”..



During that thick dark hour on the mid night of 7th, November, 1979…

Just a few hours before the commencement of the holy Varuna Japam..

The heavy Bronze bells,hanging in front of the principle deity of Lord Sri Venkateswara,started ringing on their own..

Thus signalling the holy Lord Sri Venkateswara’s much awaited permission and HIS most wanted approval for the Varuna Japam..

That was an amazingly mind-blowing miracle of Lord Sri Venkateswara very difficult for the humanity to understand..

PVRK Prasad was speechless..


This truly amazing miracle occurred,in the holy temple of Tirumala,on the mid night of 7th November,1979

At that time,right from a street urchin to the holy Lord,the whole of Tirumala was in a very deep sleep…All the otherwise busy streets of the holy temple town were wearinga vacant look..

Except an occasional sound here and there,the whole of the Tirumala hill shrine wasfilled with absolute silence..

And exactly during that dark hour…

Breaking all the silence…

This miracle occurred and occurred quite suddenly taking the entire hill shrine of Tirumala by surprise.


The huge Bronze bells,that were hanging in front of the principal deity of Lord Sri Venkatewsara in the holy Bangaru Vaakili (Sanctum Sanctorum) of the Tirumala Tirupati temple started ringing on their own.without anyone touching them,sending waves of heavy metal sound across the whole of the Tirumala hill shrine.

The security staff,the police,the pilgrims,the officials,the temple staff,the Archaks and the Purohits,who were shocked by the huge sound of the Bronze bells,woke up startled and came running to the main Temple.

They all stood there,outside the temple,watching in utter shock and disbelief, unable to know  “..how the huge bronze bells – hanging in the heavily guarded and fully locked up Bangaru Vaakili (Sanctum Sanctorum) – could ring on their own,without any one touching them..??..”

Shocking them further,the bells rang in that fashion for a few more minutes and later stopped on their ownIt was a dream state for all those gathered therean unbelievably true state.

Mysterious..Miraculous..And absolutely fantastic..



Later,for three full days,amidst chanting of the Vedic hymns,the holy Varuna Japam was performed strictly according to the Vedas and strictly according to the instructions given by the noble Sri Uppuluri Ganapati Sastry..

After that,once all the rituals of the Varuna Japam were completed on the third and final day,it was supposed to rain immediately..

But there were still no signs of any rain from any corner..

After the final rituals,carrying the Ceremonial Deities in their hands,all the Rithviks were returning to the main temple..

PVRK Prasad,the special invitees,the engineers,the board officials,the visitors, the pilgrims,the security staff,members from the press were also silently following them..

There was an utter disappointment in everyone’s face..

“Except tear drops in our eyes,there’s not a drop of rain anywhere nearby..” someone from the press commented..

And then it happened..

Perhaps the biggest miracle…

All of them were very silently walking back towards the main temple and were still hundred paces away from the actual destination..

Before they could realize and before they could run for their shelter..

Making a huge thunderous noise…

The skies opened up…

And it started raining heavily..Very heavily indeed..

An unbelievable sight… Seen to be believed..

None of them was carrying an umbrella and before they could all run into the main temple for shelter,they were fully drenched in rain..

Joy.. Ecstasy.. Surprise.. Disbelief..




Greatly disturbed by the acute water crisis,P V R K Prasad,the Executive Officer of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Board called for an emergency meeting of his executive staff to discuss about the various measures that need to be taken to combat the on going water crisis on the holy Tirumala hill…

He had a marathon discussion with all his water board engineers.

Those engineers not only pleaded complete helplessness but also warned theirExecutive Officer,saying “Sir,the tanks and reservoirs on the Tirumala hill shrine have very little water reserves now..They can only be served for a few more days and not any more…”

At length they discussed about various other options to withstand the water crisis for a few more days..Every one suggested..”..more sanctions be imposed on the consumption of water on the holy hill shrine..”

In those days,in addition to the twenty five thousand visitors per day,the holy Tirumala temple town had about six thousand population living there..Water sanctions were already being imposed to the maximum level and any further sanctions will only paralyze the human life there…

So no further sanctions…


Someone suggested to put a restriction on the number of daily pilgrims visiting the holy Tirumala hill shrine…

At that point,the Executive Officer said..”most of the pilgrims who visit Tirumala,plan their visit months in advance..It would be cruel on our part to stop them now..”

“..Secondly,there is no such legislation in TTD books to prevent any devotee of Lord Sri Venkateswara from visiting His holy hill shrine…Even otherwise,we are here to serve His devotees but not to put restrictions on their visits..”…

He concluded the meeting…


Later Sri Sastry identified a few Rithviks and instructed them to go to Tirumala to perform the holy Varuna Japam.

After doing all the astrological calculations, PVRK Prasad decided to conduct the Varuna Japam on 1, November,1979…

But unfortunately the Rithviks,who were to conduct the Varuna Japam,could not come on time to Tirumala..

And as a result..

The Varuna Japam was indefinitely postponed

A couple of days have passed…

In the mean time the water crisis,on the holy Tirumala hill,deepened further..Pleading total helplessness,the engineers of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam board told PVRK Prasad…

“Sir…it is going to be impossible for us to supply water to the pilgrims for more than a week now ..”…”And if that happens sir..”,they warned…

“The holy temple town of Tirumala Tirupati has to be indefinitely closed down..”

And in such case of an indefinite closure then PVRK Prasad,as the official head of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam board,would go down in the history of TTD as it’s most unpopular Executive Officer…

With a blazing Sun rocking the holy temple town of Tirumala and with no signs of any clouds anywhere nearby,PVRK Prasad was a disturbed man..

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Sri Venkatesa Charanam Charanam Prapathye

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