Gaya Srardham Pindas Tharpana Sastrigal Details

Vishnu Pada at Gaya, India
Vishnu Pada,Gaya.

Performance of Srardham or obeisance to ancestors and visit to Kasi/Varanasi is a most sacred duty of the Hindus.

Performing the prescribed Rites for the departed as laid by ht e Sastras is an important aspect of Hinduism.

Locating the Sastris or Vadhyar in both the places is an arduous task.

Not that the Sastrigals are unavailable.

There are n number of these.

But unfortunately greed for money has taken precedence over the Duty of Brahmins.

Before any one jumps the gun , let me add that I am a Brahmin and knows a bit about the Sastras, especially of Saucha and Asaucha Vidhis.

And I understand from those who have availed the services were bitter.

I had been to Gaya ,Allahabad and Varanasi recently.( by the way, why is it Ilahabad is spelled Allahabad while the Hindi script is Ilahabad?)

I presume that the purpose of those who visit these places have the performance of the Rites in mind rather than personal comforts and Five Star facilities in  mind.

The information provided here is for the former.

Gaya and Kasi Srardham expenses are quoted between Rs. 25, 000 to 50,000 .

The important places to sit in Gaya are ;

Vishnu Padam , where the Pinda Pradhanam is to be performed.

The River Phalguni is more or less dried up ( at  this time of the year ,November) and is dirty.

One can take bath in the place where they stay and have the Prokshana at the River.

After Prokshana, th rites are conducted.

Normal Tarpanam is followed by Pinda Pradhanam for Three generations, on the Paternal side and the Maternal side.

This accounts for 12 Pindas(Six on the paternal side, six on the maternal side)

Remember the Names of Great Grand Father and Gothras.

In addition Pindas can be offered to those who have expired in your gothra and your wife’s gothra.

Pindas can be offered to those whom you know.

One can also offer Pindas for Self, irrespective of the fact whether they have children or not.

This is called Atma Pinda and is sanctioned by the Sastra.

Pindas are also offered to the following.

Those who died in Accidents( normal Samskaras are not allowed for these people)

Those who died at a young age(Akaala Mritu)

Pregnant women , who expired.

Further a Pinda also offered to those who expired without issues or with out relatives living.(Yesham Na Matha,Na Pitha,,Na Bandhu, naanya Gothrinah:this need not be from the Brahmin community and it is for any one who is no more.

Bootha Pinda and for animals are also offered.

Total is not to exceed 32.

Pinda is made of Wheat Flour which id provided by the Puro.

You may offer money for Brahmana Bhojanam at your convenience, not less than Rs.201 per Brahmana.

The charges are Rs 250 in total for the entire Ritual.

The Dasa Dhanams are offered  for this Budget.

Excepting Go Dhaana, all the Dhanams are accommodated in this.

In case you want to spend more, you can do it by purchasing them and perform the additional Dhana.

However the Mantras and the Dhanas offered by the Purohit are adequate and as per the Sastras.

The Pindas are left at the Tree in the Vishnu Pada temple (For Brahmins)

For others the Pindas are to be left in the Phalguni River.

The Pavithra is to be discarded at the Tree in the Temple.

I am providing the address at the end of this post.

You may also offer a voluntary Dakshina to the Purohit, though not compulsory.

After the ceremonies,, visit one of the Sakthii Peedas in Gaya.

As the Bodh Gaya is nearby, about 13 kms , one may visit the Bodhi Tree where the Buddha is reported to have been enlightened  and the Buddhist Monasteries and Temples run by Tibet,Sri Lanka ,Japan and  Bangla Desh.

Important Contact Details.


Sastrigal. Narayanan (Nannu), settled in Gaya for Five generations;well read in Sastras, not greedy, accepts what you offer and no short-changing in Mantras or Dhanas) Mobile: +91 88 73 22 22 86.

Auto driver Subodh for Local trips including Bodh Gaya.-Reliable,non bickering and reasonable.Mobile.+91 80 83 80 3772.

For Railway Reservations Contact. Sanjay +91 99 34 47 64 60

For Stay.

Nattukkotai Nagara Satram,171,Chan Chowra,Gaya-823001.Phone; 0631 2226480. Ask for ‘Natkot’ ,people will guide you.

Advisable to contact the Manager in 15 Days in advance for Reservations.

Only those who speak Tamil  are allowed.

The facilities are basic and adequate, though not as found in lodges .

However, it is decent and the people are friendly and help you in local arrangement for Sastrigal and conveyance.

They charge a nominal entrance fee of Rs.60 ; one can use the common facilities.

For rooms with Bath Rs. 150 is charged.

South Indian Food is served at a nominal price.

They also arrange for the preparation and  distribution of Anna Dhaana.

Good place for the Religiously inclined and, as I said earlier, is for those who want to perform the Rites and not recommended for the luxury prone.



  1. Hi, very useful blog and interesting comments. I am (yajur veda) living in US and want to perform shraddha for my mother. I will have time between Feb 10 – 14. I am wondering if this is enough time to do everything in Varanasi. I am told that I have to go to Varanasi, then Prayag (is it Allahabad) and then back to Varanasi and then to Rameswaram and then back to Varanasi etc. Could you enlighten me on this sequence? Is it possible to the Varanasi part this year and do the Rameswaram part next year?
    Also, another question. Mother’s thithi is mrigaseerisham, krishna paksham, shashti thitihi which seems to be on Jan 1, 2020. I will be in the carribian where most likely I may not find a brahmin. I can not even perform hiranya srardham. Your guidance is appreciated.


    • Gaya Allahabad Benares in that order.You may be able to perform sraddha in all these places in three days. Sastry details you can find in the article. If you need further information, contact Naattukkottai Nagarathar Sangam Gaya, Allahabad.As to Sraddha Thithithi at Caribbean,you may fast that day,taking tiffin at night. You can perform tharpana on that day. If you still want it to be done, you can ask someone to have it performed in India at Kanchi, Sringeri or Raghavendra mutt Regards


      • Dear Sir

        i tried the number of gurkkal in 8873222286. but it says the number is not correct. kindly let me know if any other number of his is there


  2. Dear sir, I have been reading many of your posts.. Planning a trip to kasi and Gaya in February with my parents sir.. We don’t know Hindi and we are non-brahmins sir.. Hope we can contact narayana sashthrigal in Gaya.. Anyone who knows Tamil can u recommend for kasi sir?? Your help will be very valuable for us..


  3. DEAR SIR,


  4. Sir,
    We are married since 8 years and understand that both for me and my wife we have pithru dhosham due to this we are still not blessed with children as advised by astrologer’s ( astrologer Name hari kesha nallur vekatraman )
    Now my father’s death anniversary is on 16th Feb can I perform the shardham or tharpanam please let us know.
    my father’s death was un-natural. need your proper guidance before we come for a conclusion.


  5. My fathers first death anniversary falls on March 31,2018 and would like to perform the rituals at Gaya or Varnashi not sure where to do.I am a novice in these rituals so what would you recommend me to do.I also want to perform the same for my mother who passed away in October 2015.Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


    • Sir my parents are planning a trip to Varanasi and Allahabad. They are planning to do thithi for their parents ( just a darpana for their parents – thithi is not falling on the exact ritual day). We are Vaishnavites, is it advisable to give darpana in Kasi or should we do it in triveni sangamam – Allahabad ( they are not going to gaya). Are there priest for vaishnavites to perform the ritual as per vashnavishm tradition (Priest with Tilak) in Kashi and Allahabad. If you know any Tamil or Telugu speaking priests kindly suggest us.


  6. am Ganesan Ramamoorthy, 67 years, native of Trichy re-located in Chennai since 1997. My family comprise of my wife and only 22 years on working in a Medicine online company and doing MBA first year in LIBA (Loyola college) – I have one younger brother (living as married spinster) and younger sister (marred and settled in Trichy). Earlier my family comprise of my parents, I am being the eldest with my brother and sister). Both of my parents are no more now.I am working in a private audit firm with Rs.17,000 monthly salary – I don’t have any movable or immovable assets. Having vexed living without any achievement either by me or by my family members all these years despite my best efforts and support, I would like to re-locate myself at Varanasi or nearby areas, get a job, live til my last breathe, then do all the rituals to my parents to the entire satisfaction. Basically I am stenographer (English), working as admin asst, knowledge in Tally ERP 9, all statutory e-filing, reconciliation, correspondence in English and Hindi – computer operation in Tamil, English, Hindi and Sanskrit – knows Rudhram chamakams, sookthas, sanskrit/hindi slokas, bhajans, can perform important poojas, amavasai tharpanam etc.- Could you please help me to get a job at Varanasi or nearby place?- my e-maild Mobile : 9500 198112
    — Thanks & Regards
    R. Ganesan


  7. am a bachelor and my father passed away four months ago. Till now I am doing the sothakumbam and masiyams on time. Am I eligible to perform gaya srardham. What is the apt time to perform this ritual. Is it best if I do the first Varushaabdhigam at GAYA?.. Or should it be done only after the completion of first Year. In any case am I eligible to do gaya sradham, since i am a bachelor. My father passed away on Thai masa sukla patcha Dasami. Should I do it on the same month and Thithi or could it be done on any other month? I will be very grateful if you can clarify my doubts… my mail ID “”
    You are doing a great service sir…. Thank You….


  8. Dear Sri Ramanan,
    I had been to Gaya and Varanasi in Sept 2016 and performed Pinda tarpanam. Information and guidance provided by you was very useful. Now I plan to go to Rameshwaram sometime next month. Is it mandatory to perform pinda tarpanam at Rameshwaram also. Can you please provide information on stay and sastrigal availabilty at Rameshwaram as you had done in the case of Gaya and Varanasi. You guidance will be useful. Regards

    S Raghavan


  9. I had been to Varanasi, Allahabad and Gaya from 9.10.16 to 12.10.16. Sri. Saminathan Sastigal at Varanasi arranged for Srartham at Allahabad (Siva Madam) , Gaya (Karnataka Bhavan) and at Varanasi. Did hotel booking at Varanasi and Gaya, arranged taxi and sent one guide knowing tamil to all these places. Arranged meals and tiffin/coffee from his home while at Varanasi. Some times we had at Kerala Cafe at Varanasi. He charged Rs. 15000 for rituals at three places and Rs 11000 for taxi. We completed the rituals without any tension.


  10. Dear Sir

    We are Tamil brahmins residing in Hyderabad. My father recently expired on 23/09/2016 . I request your kind help in locating Samajam/Mutts who will help us in performing Masiyam ,Oona-Masiyam and Sodhakumbam in Hyderabad.
    Mobile No. 09949663862


  11. I want to sent my father and mother for kasi to perform ritual at kasi, they dont know other than local language. please help us for elder people how they can approach in order their rituals


    • You may contact the Nattukkotttai Nagarathar in these places.Details provided in the post.Do not worry.They will help.Call them well in may call the sastrigal.Mobile number provided in the post


  12. The information provided by you in your blog was very useful to me. I could arrange my visit to Gaya and Varanasi based on the information provided by you. I visited Gaya and Varanasi from 20th August to 25th. At Gaya Sri Damodar sastry made all arrangements for my stay and performance of rites. The auto driver Subodh was very useful for local travel as well as visit to Bodh Gaya. Train reservation to Varanasi was also arranged by Sri Damodar Sastry. At Varanasi I got in touch with Sri Shekhar Sastry as suggested by Sri Damodar. All puja and rites were successfully conducted at Varanasi. Though we feared the floods and Ganges water was flowing even on the roads, we could take bath in the Ganges at Hanuman Ghat. I also visited the various temples in the city arranged by sri Shekhar Sastry. On the whole the trip was successful and I must express my thanks to you for the information in your blog.

    S Raghavan Hyderabad August 29, 2016


  13. Dear Sir, my daughter is having ‘pithru dosha’ in her horoscope and hence we were advised to do ‘thila Homa’ at Rameswaram and ‘srartham’ at Allahabad, Varanasi, and gaya.We completed the ritual at Rameswaram and planning to proceed to Varanasi. Is it sufficient to do ‘srartham’at one place or we have to do it in all the three places.


    • The Thila homa is to be performed at Gaya. Also visit any of the pitru dosha parihara temples as mentioned in my article of the same title.


  14. Hello sir
    My mom passed away last year september.13 days kariyam was done by my bro by compelsion.varushabdhigham/sharardam he s not ready to mom stayed with me last few years.i am her last daughter.can i perform her varushabdhigam at gaya?v r vaishnavites (iyengar)


    • Generally a daughter can perform these ceremonies under special circumstances . Daughter’s son, if he has had Upanayana performed he can do, daughter’s husband if his father is no more; otherwise you may inform Sastrigal to have it done at Gaya by informing these details . Suggest you contact Sastrigal over phone and have the programme conformed


  15. How and where I need to get down when coming from Mumbai? i.e at Varanasi,Alalabad, and what is the procedure 1. Gaya, Kashi etc


  16. Dear Mr. Ramanan,

    Thank you so much for all this valuable information. I would say it is God’s Merciful Grace for being able to locate genuine/reasonable Priests at a time when Pujas and Rituals have become a money making machine.

    I would love to have the monthly Amavasya Tarpanams done in Gaya by Sastrigal. Narayanan for my dad and ancestors and the feeding. However, part of the satisfaction will come from being able to watch it on Skype/some other device since I live in New York. I would love to make permanent technical arrangements for this ability, not only for myself, but also for others who are in a similar position, with Sastrigal Narayanan. Does he normally do this by the river? or in his residence? I would like to brainstorm for ideas on how to make this happen. I would be happy to donate (reasonable!) material needed for this. Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to visit India in the next two/three years. By the way, I’m a Tamil Iyer.

    Thank you,

    Alamelu Narayanaswamy


    • You may contact the Nattukkottai Nagarathar Sangam at the number I have provided get the priedt’s number and work out the modalities.


      • Dear Mr. Ramanan,

        Thank you so much for your quick response!

        Before I can work out the modalities, I need to figure out how remote viewing can be arranged, what it takes to do that, because I’m clueless. For example, do you need a computer or a camera or both and an internet connection, if so, what kind of computer/camera/internet connection will be required, and how will the live streaming be done – via Skype or some other interface, how can I access it etc… Once I understand how to do this, I can approach them. Maybe create a website for the Priest in which it can be live streamed? Right now, I feel blind…

        Once I know this, I can contact them and present my idea, modify it according to how they do things.

        Thank you,

        Alamelu Narayanaswamy


  17. Dear sir,
    Thanks for the blog.

    I would like to perform saswatha pinda pradhan to my mother who died on 2015 sept.since reaching 1 year I would like to perform saswatha pinda pradhan at gaya.I need Telugu pandit Contact.if you share the same appreciate the help


  18. It is Not Srardham. It should be spelt as Shraaddham. I will be reading your blogs every now them. But Samskrith terms in your blogs are spelt as spoken by very ordinary common folk. I think you have studied Samskrith.


    • I agree. These terms are used by me as used by the common man so that the articles show up in search results. On sradhdham I have mentioned this point in my other srticles.Regds.


  19. I want the contact of Tamil brahmin Iyengar at Gaya for doing srardham..If you have please send it to my email is


  20. Dear Sir,

    My father is 75 now. He wishes to perform the srardha for our ancestors at gaya. I am planning to bring my perents to gaya in august. we are madhwa bhramins. Need advice on performing the rituals. my mail ID is


  21. vlery useful blog. If it is feasible, please make a table giving name and contact of sastrigals for different sampradayas – iyer, iyengar and subsects within that. or if the same sastrigal can perform multiple sampradayas, say that also.



  22. I am planning to perform Gaya Shradhdham for my father and mother. My father expired in March / April ( Masi masam ) and mother in May / June (Vaikashi masam). Can I perform shradhdham for both on the same day. Can I do this in any month. Or should shradhdha be performed only in the month they expired. In that case I will have to visit twice. My email


    • The email has bounced.
      Here is the answer.
      ‘I take it that the first Srddha has been performed
      If so,
      Gaya Sradham performed on the Thithi( in the same month) of those expired .This is ideal

      Or This can be performed on the Thithi of Death in any month.

      Or on any Thithi of any month.

      But performing two Sraddhas on the same day is not desirable.


  23. dear Sir, We are planning to perform Asthi Visarjanam of my mother in April2016. Can u please provide the contact names and phone numbers who perform the activity. Regards,Vamshimohan from email Address is as below. vamshitmohan@gmail. com.Cell no. 8106970808


  24. Hi Sir,
    My Father passed away a year back. We didn’t do any tarpanas for him so far. We are planning for one. We are not from brahmin background. Please advise me on what should we do make his soul rest in peace. Can you please text me on what should be done, place, total expense and contact details for the same.


  25. Hi sir,
    I am planning to visit kasi, gaya and triveni sangam this summer.. i am planning to reach gaya first, then kasi, and at last to triveni sangam.. i need the full details of shaardham and ceremonies to be performed with vadhiyaar details and mutt details in all 3 places… is there any order to do thr ceremonies or shall i start with gaya then kasi and last triveni sangam… kindly send the details to thanks in advance sir..


  26. Dear Sir,
    I need any contact of a Telugu brahmin of GAYA. I wanted to perform Sradha in March this year.


  27. Dear Mr. Ramanan, I am Elangovan from Chennai. Just now I tried calling your number starting with 95000. Says not available. Can you please call me at 99401 46716. I would like to meet you at Chromepet


  28. Dear Mr Ramanan, I have been wanting to perform Sradahs for my parents at Gaya and Allahabad. You have given the detail of Shastrigals. Are they still valid.


  29. Thank you for the precise guidance. Planning to go in March. Which is the ideal place Gaya/Rameshwaram for then Srardham which falls on particular month and thithi. Regards, Rajan


      • Hello Sirs
        Do ypu have any contact of sastrigal in Allahabad , As i need to do Asthi Visarjanam of my father in Triveni
        Pls reply to “”


    • I had visited Kasi and Gaya during 2011. Shivakumar Sastrigal had done rituals to our satisfaction. he is from Swamimalai. They have accommodation and run mess.
      His phone number +914-9335333137 and +91-5422276533

      Liked by 1 person

  30. dear Ramananji…Thank you very much for your info…
    By God’s grace, I have done (being the eldest) my duty
    both in Kasi and Gaya with the guidance of Shastrigal Shivkumar Sharma.

    But brothers have not done..Me did and my wife joined


  31. my grand parents died years father did thila tharpanam at it sufficient or should we do srardham at kasi also


  32. Dear Mr.Ramanan, your intricate details are of great guidance to us. I wish to express my compliments to you


  33. Namasthe, I have one elder brother.he did not perform any rituals for my parents at the time of their demise and still now.I am doing all till now. Sastrihal said elder has the right. In such case what I did so far is este?. What can I do. Pl guide me


  34. Hi
    I just happed to read your blog/// Great detailed info..I wanted to know if we do tharpanam at gaya what all we need to do at kasi/Varanasi?


    • If one performs sraddha at Gaya with Pinda Pradhana, then a Sraddha may be performed if one so desires or even a Tharpana will do.Gaya Sraddham is most venerated.


  35. Dear sir,
    We R thengalai Brahmin . !)Can this be performed during any month ? 2) sastrigal will conduct the rituals or samprathaya vadyargal ? (I know the rituals r the same for iyer Or Iyegars ). 3)Tharpanam is to be followed with any srartham eating etc just like thiruvadyaanam by vadyar brahmins ect.
    4)Total minimum to be spent ? How many Sastrigal Or Vadyar >?
    u r description is enough but I am bothering u further ,Thanking u inadvance


    • 1.The srardham can be performed on any month in Gaya, Kasi and Allahabad.

      It is very auspicious if performed in Mahalaya Paksha, but the there will be heavy rush

      2.Yes , it can be performed as per your sampradaya,it is safe to take a book, if you have, sandhya vandana book or Anna Subramania Iyer’s Book on The Samskaras available with Ramakrishna Math will be of great help.

      3.srardha Bhojanam etc Money to be spent varies according to your specification of the number of Brahmins, Dhanas and the dakshina you want to offer.

      You can get all these details from the nagarathar sangam number I have provided.
      They will put you in touch with the Vadyar, better you may contact the sastrigal direct.


  36. Good info. Iam planning to do it next year– for my father. Iam the third son. Can I do it ? Must my wife accompany me ?

    Iam contacting my uncle for my great grandfather’s name & Gothram !!


    • Yes You can and must do the Srardham.
      The karmas to bring the desired results, the wife is to be along side you,sastras say.
      Karmas are to be performed only with wife,.
      In case you need any help in Kasi/Gaya/Allahabad, please feel free to contact me.




      • Though performing Pitru karya at any time is ok , it is auspicious to perform during Uttarayana that is from mid Jan to mid July. uttarayanam is time period between Makar sankranthi (Around mid of January month) – Karkataka Sankarathi(Around mid of July month) .


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