Vishnus Foot Prints At Kaaba and United Kingdom

Lord Vishnu's holy footprint consecrated at three main centres in the world, namely one in Gaya (in India), the other in Mecca, and the third near Shukla Teertha, i.e. Abiry. This information, when coupled with the information from Muslim sources that there were 360 idols in the temple, indicates that Lord Vishnu was surrounded by an entourage of other deities, of which Lord Shiva was one. But the Muslims being iconoclasts, they destroyed the idols of other deities, while Shiva's emblem, a round, cylindrical, dark, black-red stone, they retained as a central, featureless object of reverence...

Gaya In Greece Palasha Dweepa Greeks Ancestor Pelasgus From India

"It is entertaining to view the process by which the Greeks first misunderstood a Pelasgic term, then fitted out a tale upon on their own translation of what they imagined to be Greek...." "The history and origin of ancient Greece were not clearly written down by the Greeks themselves, but ancient Indian writings such as the Puranas, the Mahabharata, and the Rajput genealogies may hold keys to solving some of these questions."-Coen Vonk. The ancient Sanskrit texts Mahabharata, YoginiTantra, and the Vayu Purana mention the city of 'Gaya' in Bihar, then called 'Pelasa'. According to the Vayu Purana the city of Gaya was named after an asura by the name 'Gayasura' - who practiced asceticism by praying to God Vishnu. He chanted and sang praises in the name of Vishnu, hence 'geya' (गेय) or 'song' - from Sanskrit 'gai' (गै), to 'sing', 'chant', or 'sing praises'.

Gaya, Devi’s Breast Shakti Peeta.

How to reach. Nearest Bus stand. Gaya, 3 to 5 km Nearest Railway station. Gaya . 4 to 5 km Nearest Airport is Bodhgaya Airport which is in 8 to 10 km distance. Mangala Gauri temple is very nearer to Vishnupada temple . Autos,Ttaxis available. Mangalagauri is worshiped as the Goddess of Benevolence.

Gaya Srardham Pindas Tharpana Sastrigal Details

Performance of Srardham or obeisance to ancestors and visit to Kasi/Varanasi is a most sacred duty of the Hindus. Performing the prescribed Rites for the departed as laid by ht e Sastras is an important aspect of Hinduism. Locating the Sastris or Vadhyar in both the places is an arduous task. Not that the Sastrigals … Continue reading Gaya Srardham Pindas Tharpana Sastrigal Details