Pakistan-‘An Army in Search of A Country’-Wiki Leaks.

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Look at Pakistan‘s turbulent  history from Ayub Khan.

A nation formed on the very mistaken notion of Religion, that too because its founder could not the spoils of Power in India is being tossed from Dictatorships to Dictatorships, with Civilian Government being thrown in the middle as a garnish to ensure that Pakistan gets Foreign aid.

The moment the Dictator finds the going rough in the country, the time-tested recipe is going to war with India and loss of face and in a case loss of portions of the country as well.

The tailor-made solution then is to usher in a puppet Regime , which,when found to breaking g the reins of the Army,is dethroned and another military Regime is on.

Foreign powers are game to this for it is to their advantage to have an unstable Pakistan,considering its strategic location and their desire to check mate China by playing India against Pakistan /Pakistan vs India.

Unfortunately for them India happens to be a Democracy and India plays the Foreign powers game adeptly by pitting one against another.

This Pakistan  is unable to do because of its internal contradictions and fundamentalism and general lawless in governance.

No surprises Pakistan’s friends and foes alike deride Pakistan in private.


Pakistan remains “an army in search of a country,” according to French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s Diplomatic Adviser. ..

Levitte also asserted that “the Pakistani army is well regarded by the Pakistani people when not in power, but that it fails when in power.”..

Day also inquired about US perspective on Nawaz Sharif “whom he described as ‘potentially less venal’ than other Pakistani leaders.” Previously published cables have already revealed what opinion Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz held of President Zardari and Mr. Sharif…..

Director General, Defence and Intelligence of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the British government expresses satisfaction that China had “dumped” Pakistan in the Conference on Disarmament which in her opinion was a “good sign.”….

a senior Saudi intelligence official is quoted as telling a US official that “the SAG [Saudi Arabian government] viewed the Afghan Taliban as largely under the control of Pakistan” and that “the Afghan Taliban needed support to be able to become more independent of Pakistan.”…

2 Replies to “Pakistan-‘An Army in Search of A Country’-Wiki Leaks.”

  1. historically the invaders from north west had benefitted from violence;the tactics helped in creating pakistan with generous help from british for their strategic reasons;the role of british was taken over by americans;pakistan could keep india on tenterhooks by wars and terrorism;they curried favour with the americans by driving out russians from afghanistan;afghanistan was taken over by taliban with the blessings of pakistan;

    then 11/9/2001 happened;afghanistan was invaded;pakistan was forced to join the war which it did half heartedly;attacks on india continued;mumbai attack 26/11/2008;osama bin laden was sheltered in pakistan;he was found and killed by americans on 1/5/11 night;

    pakistan is in turmoil;now they are trying to play the china card and china wants to use them for their own strategic ends;if pakistan army comes on top,they may continue the same old game,may be somewhat chastised;but if the militants take over pakistan,even china may not align with them;the elite of pakistan will emigrate;america and india may neutralise the nuclear weapons of pakistan and pakistan will become a failed and volatile state like afghanistan;right now our enemies viz pakistan army and militants are fighting and weakening each other;we have to wait and hope for the best which comes naturally to indians;only when we have to do something we get agitated;


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