Crimea For Russia US Action Illegal

““You just don’t, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped-up pretext”, he pontificated on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”_John Kerry, US Secretary of State

Who invaded Kuwait and Iraq?

I had a call from my grandson in Sweden and we got to talking about Crimea issue.

In tune with the common perception he expressed his opinion that Russia must leave Crimea.

Such is the disinformation by the Media that the History of Crimea is swept under the carpet.

Loot any hotspot of Terrorism or Territorial issues, you shall find Britain being the culprit for the present confusion.

Palestine,Sri Lanka,India,Pakistan.

They occupied these lands and when the conditions became too hot for them to handle, they complicated the issue by playing both sides of the coin and left the place in a mess to be sort out by what remained of a Country.

Before the Vote in the UN for granting Statehood to the Jews, while leaving Palestine, Britain promised both the Arabs and the Jews Palestine!

Today none can sort the Palestine issue and in the process we have millions of Stateless people in Palestine.

In Srilanka they played the same game with the Tamils and the Sinhalese on the one hand and on the other among the Tamils of the North,of Estate workers and Muslims.

We know what has happened in Lanka and what is happening now.

India , a double game was played by inciting Jinnah and the animosity between India and Pakistan shows no signs of abating.

In Crimea they have done the same thing.

Why Scientists Deny Uncomfortable Facts Including UFO

I recently posted a blog on Pornography does not break up Marriages and traced the History of Pornography through the ages.

Elsewhere I had questioned the adamant refusal of the Scientists to face facts and have an open mind on any subject, under health,Time,Indian Philosophy and Behavior.

We have these sell styled Demigods reversing opinions on every thing they said were final, be it on Cancer, Coffee/Tea,Jogging,Matter, Death, Cholesterol Drugs(see my recent post on ow Cholesterol drugs increase the risk of Cancer, which was earlier not investigated properly)..the list is endless.

In Space, there is a contradiction in Big bang Theory’ if the Universe came into being after the Big Bang, how did the initial particles that developed into a huge mass, increasing their Gravitational Pull when it became too condensed to bear and burst

Time was considers Linear, now the scientists are not too sure, in the light of Quantum Theory.

On these subjects and others Indian Philosophy is very clear and gives specific answers.

On Evolution, have the scientists examined all the species in the world to come to the conclusion that the Evolution is by only the fittest?

hardly about 20 % of the Species and Plant Life has been discovered?

Why this Inductive Leap?

Is it justified?

Next take psychology where you have a branch,Psychiatry, which is based on the Mind which can not be proved by their Science.

I can go on.

Now take the case of UFO.

Despite evidence mounting Scientists refuse to accept their existence nor do they e open to a discussion on the subject

In the case of civilizations more advanced than the West, like India, China,the west refuse to accept the fact that these people can be more intelligent than them.

When it comes to their own, the reason for blind refusal is Ego and the faith(?) that they are infallible, despite the fact that they are proved wrong over and again.

Rajiv Gandhi Assasination Attempt Mysore, Inside Job

The controversy surrounding the death of Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India refuses to die down

There were unsolved knots in the enquiry, the role of Chandraswamy and others.

Despite warnings the meeting at Siperumbudur was held, at a remote place.

A prominent Congress leader from Tamil Nadu absented himself suddenly for the meeting.

There were also indications from the French Intelligence about the impending assassination.

There were also reports that it was an inside job.

Please read a post on the Book The Rajiv Gandhi Assassination in this site.

Read the Book as well.

Boston Bombing A Fake? National Guard CST Photos Video

I have posted whether the Boston Bombing was a ‘False flag’ operation and I opined that it is not a fake attack to divert people for political ends.Now more information is pouring in with some of the Government Agencies putting out News Stories contradicting the initial investigation base.

Initially there were Reports that there could have been four suspects, it had become two now and no explanation on the other suspects,except a vague mention about one Saudi Businessman being interrogated and cleared.

No talk about the fourth suspect.
And there was a suspicious looking Man on a Roof.

Blogs Influential Than Tweets, Study-Naturally

A Study reveals that Blogs are more influential tha Tweets and Social Media.

I understand that.

I am of the view that blogs are more detailed, reasoned and informative than Tweets.

Tweets are generally your opinion or impressions to a story or News.

Here you do not the luxury of reasoning out your views.

Tweets and Social media Communications are essentially a communication between a Group or Groups, while blogs target a larger audience.

In Social Media like Facebook, you first express your interest, likes to make people find you.

In Blogs, you leave the material and let the Reader take find you.

Being better reasoned out pieces Blogs tend to have better credibility.

Attention Span is more for a Blog.

I have assumed, in this exercise that Tweets,Social Media Messages, to be good ones.