Mulukkanadu Brahmins Origins Pratisthan, Paithan Maharashtra

I have written on Brahmins and their History.

Brahmins were present throughout Bharatvarsha, India was called thus in ancient times.

They did not come from outside India as made out in the now discredited Arya Invasion Theory.

There are various sects of Brahmins based on geographical locations,as in Vadama among Tamil Brahmins,
particular activity of Vedas they practiced as in Vajpayee Gotra.

Some Brahmin communities take their set’s name from the region they originally hailed from.

The Mukukanadu Brahmins.

They were believed too have been originally from Andhra Pradesh, India, from the Godavari Valley.

On careful search it transpires that they Hail from the present region of Maharashtra, India.

The Kingdom was ruled by Chandravamsa, Lunar Dynasty founder Ila daughter of Vaivaswatha Manu, father of the founder of Suryavamsa Solar Dynasty.

Manu was a Dravidian king who migrated to Ayodhya because of a Tsunami in the south mentioned in world literature, legends and Tamil Classics.

Ila ruled from Pratisthan, called Paithan now, Maharashtra.

The first Satavahana King ruled from this place, from around First Century BC.

This date may be pushed back.

Pratishthanapura or present day Paithan is said to be the capital of Mulaka desh. Aurangabad, Nashik, Jalna, Washimare parts of Mulaka. Mulukanadu follows the usual conjoint formulation of similar communities: the word Naadu means country in all the south Indian languages; this is suffixed to the country whence the community hails, being in this case “Muluka”. Thus, Muluka+Naadu=Mulukanadu, “people of the Muluka land.” Muluka or Mulaka is identified and it is also known as Moolaka or Moolaka desha along with Ashmaka.

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  1. sir, I have read about Paitan brahmins when I read the biography of Sant Gnanadev Maharaj wwho formulated varakari sampradhaya for worship of Lord Vittal in Pandarpur.knswamy ________________________________


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