Maga Brahmins From Multan Healer Priests, Scythians?

Brahmins were an integral part of Sanatana Dharma of India, contrary to the misinformation that they were Aryans who entered India through Khyber Pass.

From where did the Brahmins come from

History of Brahmins in India.

Despite mounting, verified evidence to the contrary, attempts are being made to twist facts and prove that there was foreign immigration into India.

This will be evident when one reads about the Maga Brahmins from India who were brought to India by Samba, Lord Krishna’s son through Jambavathi.

Samba suffered from leprosy because of a curse by Sage Durvasa and was cured of the disease after worshiping Aditya, The Sun God at Multan, originally called as Kashyapa Pura after Sage Kashyapa.

This town is now in Multan and the temple is in ruins.

Please read my article on this.

Samba, after being cured of this disease had arranged for the Brahmin priests of Multan to go over to India.

They were the Maga Brahmins and were also proficient in Ayurveda and were called the Priest Healers.

The Western sources, including Wikipedia suggest that the Maga Brahmins trace their ancestry to Iranians and Scythians.

But the fact is that Iranians and Scythians were from Sanatana Dharma.

I furnish information on Maga Brahmins and about how the Scythians were from Sanatana Dharma.

Maga Brahmins.

Sakaldwipiya Brahmins (or Bhojaka Brahmins or Maga Brahmins) is a class of Hindu Brahmin priests and Ayurvedateachers (acharyas) and practitioners, with significant concentrations of their populations occurring in Western and Northern India with Scythian roots. The name can also be spelled as Shakdvipi, Shakdwipi, Shakdweepi, Shakdvipiya, Shakdwipiya, Shakdweepiya, Shakadwipi, and Sakadwipi….

The Sakaldwipiya Brahmins of India identify themselves as having Iranian roots, and assert that they inherit their by-name mragha from a group of priests who established themselves in India as the Mragha-Dias or Maga-Brahmins. The doctrinal basis for that assertion is found in Bhavishya Purana133.

As such, the Sakaldwipiya are one of only two Brahmin groups who are said to have originated outside India, even if about half their clan names (gotras) are the same as those of other Brahmins.

.. The tale of the arrival of the Sakaldwipiyas appears to have been part of living tradition for many centuries. The Govindpurinscription of 1137-1138 refers to a maga family of Gaya, Bihar that was celebrated for its learning, Vedic scholarship and poetic faculty, and who descended from one of the original Samba.. invitees….. ‘

Reference and Citation.

Origin of Scythians.

Now look at the Map.

You would find the landmass now we call India, then called Bharatvarsha extended beyond the Mountain in the North to another landmass marked as Scythia.

These Scythians were a part of Sanatana dharma and were called Milechas, that i those who did not follow fire worship.

They belonged to Sanatana dharma but did not follow fire worship mentioned in the vedas like the southerners, Dravidians, Tamils, who were followers of Sanatana dharma ,worshiped Shiva,Krishna,Durga, Subrahmanya,.varuna and Indra but not Agni, Fire……

In the above list you may notice that from Mathura onward to Suren are Sanskrit names as also Haraiva.

The other tribes can be traced back to some more tribes of Bharata Varsha.’

Scythians from Sanatana Dharma

.Scythians from Sanatana Dharma.

I think they were settled in, apart from Gaya, in Maharashtra as well and they were a part of Mulukkanadu Brahmins.

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    • True. The term Santana dharma means that which is ancient and continuing. This is the term given to identify a specific way of Living. Sanstana dharma is not a religion.Belief in matters pertaining to Spirituality is called Darshana,can be loosely translated as Perspective.Please read my article Sanstana Dharma is not Hinduism.Regards.

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