Vagata Hoskote Village of Temples Cholas Karnataka Kings 1035AD

I shall shortly be beginning a series on Chola Temples in Karnataka and Hoysala Temples in Tamil Nadu.

Also a series about the bond between what is presently Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Much misinformation has been planted in the minds of people, hiding real history, by falsifying Indian history and dividing the people of India on the basis of Language.

One can find evidence of The Presence of King’s who ruled in the area of present Karnataka in Tamil Nadu and of Tamil Kings in Karnataka.

Though there were wars among the kings, there is evidence that people of these regions loved amicably together.

The Cholas and Vengi kings were related through intermarriages.

Cholas built temples in Karnataka, and most of them were built around Bangalore.

There is a village of Temples near Hoskote,, which is near Bangalore.


Temple of Varadaraja,Vagata.
Chola Raja Guru,Vagata Idil.image
The Idol of Chola a Raja Guru,Vagata.


Saptha Matrikas. image.
Saptha Matrikas,Chowdeswari temple,Vagata.

The Village is Vagata , six Kilometres from Hoskote.

The village has temples built by Cholas, the earliest by Rajendra Chola and Vijayanagar Kings.

The earliest inscription in the temple is dated 10th Century AD, the period of Rajaraja Chola and his son Rajendra Chola.

There are temples for Chandramoukeswara, Varadaraja , Anjaneya and Chowdeswari.

The Chowdeswari temple is A Sapthamatrika Temple.

This village is a Village of Temples, with temples built by Cholas and Kings of Karnataka.

The village is known by other names such as Varadaraja Chaturvedi Mangalam(there is another Chaturvedi Mangalam near Kumbakonam , given away to Brahmins by Chola King).

Some more names are Ogada. Yoga puri,Bhagirathapuri.

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