Manu Is Noah Yayati Yadava Yehuda, Judaism Fom Hinduism?

Interesting that The Jews were the descendants of the Yadavas, Lord Krishna’s Clan.

Twenty two tribes left India after the Mahabharata War.

Lord Krishna as an Infant.jpg
Lord Krishna as an Infant.

‘because life there became impossible as a result of nuclear explosions
and anarchy.’

Vedic Star drawn as alpana in front of Indian house.jpg
Vedic Star drawn as alpana in front of Indian houses-Kolam


Star of David in Israel Homes.jpg
Plant formation of Star of David in a Israili city (Compare & notice the similarity with alpana done in front of the Indian houses)

Of the 22 tribes that left the region in quick succession, the tem that preceded North met with disaster and perished.

Out of the remaining 12 a few families dropped off and settled down in regions currently known as Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Egypt Greece and Russia.
That great exodus took place 5,743 years ago. The Passover year which the Jews commemorate provides a tally of the period elapsed from the time they left India. … One of their monarchs was Solomon.

Pococke observes: ” That India was the point whence came the gold and the luxurious appliances of Solomon’s court is clear; both the length of the voyage, the nature of the commercial imports and the original land of the
Phoenician’s establish this fact. It ws a coasting voyage of three years.” India in Greece, by E. Pococke )

Pococke adds: ” When Judah did evil in the sight of the Lord, and built them high places, and images, and goves, on every high hill, and under every tree, the object was Bal; and the pillar was his symbol. It was on this altar that they burned incense, and sacrificed the calf on the 15th day of the month, the sacred amavas of the Hindus. The calf of Israel is the bull of Balesar or Ishwar.” The Bal alias Balesar is Balkrishna alias Baleshwar, i.e., the Divine Child Krishna.

The name Solomon is a Sanskrit term. The great poet Kalidas describes King Dushyant as ‘ Shalmanav,’ i.e., a tall, hefty person with an impressive personality. The term Solomon is that Sanskrit word with the vowel ” a
rounded in pronunciation as ” O “.The Golden Calf

The image of the golden calf which one often hears of in the history of the Jews was the calf which Lord Krishna leaned against when he used to play the flute while grazing cows. …

At that age, Lord Krishna was tall enough to lean only against a calf and not a cow.’..


Star of David.


‘The so-called Jewish Star which is the emblem of the Jews is a Tantric, Vedic symbol. It consists of two, interlocked triangles with the apex of one facing North and the other South. This symbol is drawn in front of every
orthodox Hindu home in stone-powder design every morning after the house is washed. The desing/drawing is known as Rangawali alias Rongoli. Even its name David is the Sanskrit word Devi, i.e., ” bestowed by the Mother
Goddess.” The so-called Humayun tomb building in Delhi, which was a Goddess temple, is inlaid with those emblems on the exterior, upper portions of its walls.

The Five Races (Phylum) of Noah (Nu). Of the five races, Yadu, Turvasa, Druhyus, Anu, and Puru, the only one I’ll deal with are the Yadu and their companions, the Yadavas. Yadava is a contraction of Yadu plus Deva, meaning ‘The Yadu Demi–Gods or People of Yah.’ It was through them that Lord Krishna, God Shiva, and Buddha came to earth to save mankind from time to time, as follows:

Nephilim/Navalin > Noah (Manu) >Jyapeti (Japhet or Yayati) > Yadu > Yadava > Jews/Yahuda.

Yayati/Jyapeti/Japhet was at one and the same time Dyauspitar (Jupiter), Dyus (Zeus), Vishnu or Lord Krishna, Shiva, and Buddha.

Notice that the Nephilim/Navalin did not detach themselves from their bodies and move into those of the Yadus and Yadavas. They could enter this world only via the bloodstreams of the Yadu and Yadava (Yahudas or Jews). For that, they had to breed with the daughters of men, leaving their seed in the wombs of these daughters. The closer people were tied genetically to the Yadu and Yadava, the easier it was to get a correct genetic match for producing a fetus capable of hosting a true Son of the Unbegotten. Any of the other races could produce saints but not saviors like Jesus and Krishna. For this reason, Lord Krishna and Jesus were related by blood ties. Krishna was a Yadu Kuru. Jesus was a Yehudi Koresh”


‘The Biblical name ‘Kinneret’, which is the more ancient name and precedes the name ‘Gannesaret’. It  comes from the Hebrew word ‘kinnor’ meaning ‘harp’ – which is regarded as the ‘instrument of music in heaven’. The lake is supposed to be shaped like a ‘harp’. In Sanskrit too ‘kinnar’ (किन्नर) means ‘heavenly music’. Also, the ‘kinnars’ are a ‘heavenly race’ of men mentioned throughout the Ramayana. The female counterpart of the ‘kinnars’ were the ‘apsaras’. In the Ramayana the ‘kinnars’ are always mentioned along with the ‘apsaras’. So if there was a ‘Kinneret’, was there a lake dedicated to the ‘apsaras’ too? The Bible does mention a lake by the name ‘Asphar’ in Israel, also the Dead Sea was known as ‘Ashphalites’, though now the name is connected to ‘asphalt’ – though there is no known etymological source of ‘asphalt’ and is credited to non-Greek, non-Latin unknown source.

Then there is the Susita River, also now called the Hippos. ‘Susit’ (सुसिता) means ‘white’ in Sanskrit. There is also a town by the name ‘Susit’ in Israel. The list is endless.’

Just to give you an idea of how low mankind had fallen after the Great Flood in Altai, Siberia, read the Hindu account of Noah, taken from the Matsya Purana:

‘To Satyavarman, that sovereign of the whole earth, were born three sons: the eldest Shem; then Sham; and thirdly, Jyapeti by name.‘They were all men of good morals, excellent in virtue and virtuous deeds, skilled in the use of weapons to strike with, or to be thrown; brave men, eager for victory in battle.

‘But Satyavarman, being continually delighted with devout meditation, and seeing his sons fit for dominion, laid upon them the burdens of government.

‘Whilst he remained honouring and satisfying the gods, and priests, and kine, one day, by the act of destiny, having drunk mead,

‘Became senseless and lay asleep naked. Then, he was seen by Sham, and by him were his two brothers called:

‘To whom he said, ‘What now has befallen? In what state is this our sire?’ By these two he was hidden with clothes, and called to his senses again and again.

‘Having recovered his intellect, and perfectly knowing what had passed, he cursed Sham, saying, ‘Thou shalt be the servant of servants.’

‘And since thou wast a laugher in their presence, from laughter thou shalt acquire a name. Then he gave Sham the wide domain on the south of the snowy mountains.

‘And to Jyapeti he gave all the north of the snowy mountains; but he, by the power of religious contemplation, attained supreme bliss.’


Jehovah is an anglicized representation of Hebrew the name that, according to the Bible, God revealed to his people,also dubbed “the proper name of God”. The earliest available Latin text to use a vocalization similar to Jehovah dates from the 13th century. It was certainly not the historical vocalization of the Tetragrammaton at the time of the redaction of the Pentateuch (6th century BCE), at which time the most likely vocalization was YAHWEH. The historical vocalization was lost because in Second temple Judaism, during the 3rd to 2nd centuries BCE, the pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton came to be avoided, being substituted with Adonai “my Lords”. Others say that it is the pronunciation Yahweh that is testified in both Christian and pagan texts of the early Christian era.Some argue that Jehovah is preferable to Yahweh, based on their conclusion that the Tetragrammaton was likely tri-syllabic originally, and that modern forms should therefore also have three syllables.’


17 responses to “Manu Is Noah Yayati Yadava Yehuda, Judaism Fom Hinduism?”

  1. so this is the reason jews are interbreeding till this day among themselves ?? what are they thinking ?? that future kalki avatar would be born from their blood group ??


  2. Jewish Abraham and Hindu Brahma, Jewish Sarai and Hindu Sarawati. This means that they came from India. They left their homeland (India) in 2000-1900BC. Then they became wandering. They came from India to west through thousand thousand years!!!! What about Israel?? Modern jews are unaware about Indian origin??


    • Dear Madam you are absolutely right I am a regular contributor to this blog. I have one book called Yishvara 2000 The Hindu Ancestor of Judaism speaks to this millenium ! published in the year 2000 by Gene D. Matlock wherein he has proved beyond doubt the Indian Origin of Jews. If you want to know more please write to me at


      • Dear Mr Ramanan little bit busy in business schedule. I will now be working with Amazon.In as a Seller. Amazon.In has its head office in Bangalore so delay in contacts. Please help me in providing books details of eminent authors in South India relating to Vedic Sciences. I will sell them on Amazon Platform for wider publicity. Your contribution also required. Following blog regularly as usual. I will contact Dr Arya and let you know please call me on my mobile 09011350747 regards Shrirang Sudrik


  3. This is right. Aristotle says Jews came from India. Jews are called calani in India and Judeans in Syria. This means that Jews are alien??? Not human?? Reply me please…


    • There are views that Aliens indded have visited eartah and there is contemorarary evidence as well. I do not think the Jeare aliens. In the context of the article the Jews are ‘‘heavenly race’ implyinf people of High Morals.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Dear Mr Ramanan
    Yet another brilliant article. The Indian origin of the Jews have been proved by many scholars in the world beyond doubt. One such scholar is Mr Gene. D. Matlock who lives in Californian High Desert in USA. He has proved it in his book titled Yishvara 2000 The Hindu Ancestor of Judaism speaks to this millenium ! published in the year 2000 I have copy of this book with me. The David’s Star of which the Jews have much importance is actually Anahat Chakra mentioned in Yoga Literature of India. It is also a part of Sri Yantra which is very important in Goddess Laxmi worship. That is why Jews give lot of importance to India from cultural point of view.
    Please share your comments on this with me.
    Shrirang Sudrik
    Pune Maharashtra India


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