Bible Family Tree In Bhavishya Purana Enoch and Others

Judaism and Christianity seem to have borrowed heavily from Hinduism.   I am providing the family Tree according to The Bible and the Text from the Bhavishya Purana. Click to Enlarge the Image. Bhavishya Purana Text. “Text: 31 His wife Havyavati (Eve) will be very eager to see the tree of sin, and will go…… Continue reading Bible Family Tree In Bhavishya Purana Enoch and Others

Manu Is Noah Yayati Yadava Yehuda, Judaism Fom Hinduism?

Interesting that The Jews were the descendants of the Yadavas, Lord Krishna’s Clan.

Twenty two tribes left India after the Mahabharata War.
Of the 22 tribes that left the region in quick succession, the tem that preceded North met with disaster and perished.

Out of the remaining 12 a few families dropped off and settled down in regions currently known as Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Egypt Greece and Russia.
That great exodus took place 5,743 years ago. The Passover year which the Jews commemorate provides a tally of the period elapsed from the time they left India. … One of their monarchs was Solomon.

‘ End Of The World’ Noah’s Ark,Nuclear Shelter From Bus

How people panic easily is demonstrated by the way people of reacting!

Though it needs no Rocket Technology to know that the World will end is a hoax, people tend to react funnily.

Yesterday I blogged that people were sending emails quoting NASA; to day we find people doing the craziest things to escape the end of the world.