How To Worship Without Christ and Satan


Over the past few weeks I have received eight mails to my personal ID, asking me whether they would go to Hell if the y do not worship Jesus Christ and partake in Holy Communion.


The next question is what Religion they should follow.


Which God one should worship?


Does Hinduism allow people to convert to another Religion?


Can they return t Hinduism again?


I have reproduced a comment received for my post Who is a Hindu?FAQs.


This more or less sums all the questions addressed to me.


Before I answer let me add this post about Christianity and Christian bashing for it is not my job till they attack Hinduism.


I have replied suitably when it is warranted.


In this case it is not so.


It is rather the effect the Christian preachers spreading Fear psychosis among the weak.


The questions..



AUM of Hinduism.Image.jpg.
Om of Hinduism.

Dear Sir, Is any caste superior compared to others.To whom we should pray and offer our rituals.If God exist then it is obvious Satan also exist,and if anybody is possesed by a devil, then who is the right deity who can deliver us from all evil. Christians claim that only Jesus can relieve you provided you convert,take baptism be approved to take bread & wine(holy body and blood of christ,to get completely cured of all evil possesion.Otherwise they say if you don’t convert the satan will strike again and again.Do you believe in black magic? I want a solution because i have seen such situation when doctors themselves say this is exhorcism and out of our control,pray to God? Iam a hindu,please suggest?”


This is the result of the preachers of Christianity who scream and shout in their meetings scaring people making them believe that they are exorcising



Give the fellow a peg, he hall laugh it off.


I have seen this personally.


Time the Government took action on these people for establishing individuals and disturbing mental peace.


1.Is any Caste Superior to others?


No. It is the quality of character, discipline and selflessness that determines a Caste.


It is Human Nature to feel proud when one is noticed because of His good Character.


Such people must learn humility.



2.Whom should we offer Rituals? Which Religion to follow and which God to worship?


Religion is a question of one;s personal faith.


One is free to follow any faith any God one likes and feels comfortable with.


Important point is that if you follow one Religion , you should be steadfast in it.


Frequent changes would weaken the mind.



Worship the god your Religion tells you.


If you are a Hindu, continue worshiping what your parents worshiped , Your family Deity or the God you like among those in Hinduism.


Follow the Rituals that were followed by your ancestors.


3.Existence of Satan.


It is wrong to conclude that if God exists Satan must exist.


This misinformation is the result Christianity.


This is logically not tenable.


If Satan exists along with God, who is supposed to be Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omniscient then you ae limiting the power of God as the existence of


Satan will limit God’s attributes described here.


I shall be posting an article as to how the existence of two Realities is not tenable.


But, yes, there are evil tendencies and spirits.


They are not equal to God.


And one can conquer these by following some practices.


Please refer my posts on this  subject


If you happen to be a Christian you may follow what Christianity says.


That only Christ can redeem is  non sense.


What has happened to people who were born before Christ was born?


All of them were doomed to hell?


What sort of God is one who punishes who does not believe Him?


Is He so mean?


If yes, he can not be God.


About Baptism.


If one will be redeemed only by Baptism in Christianity, who Baptized  St.John , who is reported to have baptized Christ?


If John was not baptized, he could not have been a Christian.


One must remember the Bible was compiled three hundred years after the Death of Jesus Christ.


As to my belief in Black magic, yes I do.


I am also aware of  how to ward it off.


Do not worry.


Most of the evil possessions are (not all) are expressions of Psychoneurosis and can be cured by visiting a good Psychiatrist .


A word to those who get influenced by the ‘Preachers ‘ of Christianity.


These chaps have to make a Living.


They act and dance to promote their welfare.


None of these guys I know have any idea of Philosophy.


Their Philosophy is “Money’


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