Shiva Worships Shiva Linga Murudeshwar

As one wades through Hinduism, one finds new information that is astonishing.

Seemingly contradictory, these facts reinforce the basic principle that the Supreme Reality is One,Brahman and that the manifestation various Gods are only an aspect of Reality.

One comes across an Avatar of the God meeting up with another as in Rama and Parasurama Avatars.

Arjuna with Krishna constitute the aspects Nara and Narayana, aspects Narayana.

We have Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrugna existing along with Lord Rama.

You may also notice one God worshiping another, Lord worships Ramanathaswamy in Rameswaram.

Shiva worshiped Vishnu to remove him of the sin of removing Brahma’s head.

But in none of these cases one finds the God worshiping Himself, though thee are instances of Ram and Krishna performing Homas for Lord Vishnu.

We find Shiva worshiping His own Form Shiv Ling.

Murudeswara Temple Raja Gopuram.Image.jpg.
Murudeswara Raja Gopuram.

As Ravana approached Gokarna, Lord Vishnu blotted the sun with his Sudharshana Chakra. Thinking that it was evening, Ravana was in two minds whether to put down the Atmalinga or skip his evening rites. Just then, Lord Ganesh came to that place in the guise of a brahmin boy. Ravana called the boy and asked him to hold the linga until he completed his evening rites. The boy agreed on the condition that he’d keep the linga down if Ravana didn’t return before the boy called out his name thrice. Ravana agreed and went about his rituals, but by then the boy called out his name thrice and place the Atmalinga on the earth, and it got firmly entrenched in the earth.

When Vishnu withdrew his Sudharshan chakra, Ravana saw bright sunlight and understood that he was tricked by the Gods. He became furious. He came to the Linga and tried to uproot it with all his might. But the idol did not budge even a liitle. The idol’s shape now looked like a cow’s ear. Hence, the place is known as Gokarna. [Go means Cow and karna means Ear in sanskrit.] The crest fallen Ravana was deeply upset and beat the boy on his head. In anger he pulled and threw the case of linga, which fell 23 miles away at Sajjeshwar. He threw the lid to the south 27 miles away at Guneshwara in the form of “Vamdev Linga”. He threw the cloth wrapped to the idol to south, 32 miles away at Kanduka hills on shore of sea. It took the form of “Aghora”at Murudeshwar. The thread winding the idol was flung to south at Dhareshwara, came to known as “Tathpurusha Linga”.

Shiva learnt all this from wind god Vayu. He came on earth along with Parvathi and Ganesha and visited all these five places and worshipped the linga. He declared that these would be his Panchakshetras and those who worshipped lingas at those places would be free from all sins and their wishes would be fulfilled and ultimately reach the abode of Shiva.”

How to reach.

Murudeshwar, the temple town with a vibrant scenic beauty and golden history, is located on the Arabian seafront in North Kanara Dist, Karnataka. It is situated on the NH-17, about 160 kms north of the port city of Mangalore.

The nearest airport is also at Mangalore. Daily flights operate from Bangalore to Mangalore. Murudeshwar is well connected by road and most buses plying on the NH-17 between Mangalore and Mumbai stop at Murudeshwar. There are overnight buses also from Bangalore to Murudeshwar.

But the most picturesque and memorable experience would be to reach Murudeshwar from Mangalore or Goa by Konkan Railway and alight at Murudeshwar railway station adjoining the National Highway. Many trains stop at this station.

Murudeshwar can be visited throughout the year. Each season brings out a different hue of the coastal town.


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