Christ In Rig Veda Devatarchana Mantra? Nonsense


I had rebutted all this point by point with evidence.What shocked me today, on Christmas of 2020,an advertisement in the Deccan herald by a Christian missionary group, quoting Rig Vedic Devatharchana,as havingĀ  been foretold Christ and Christianity.

Thirukkural Christian Adi Kavya Hindu Systems From Christianity Conversion Non Sense

The sysyems of Indian philosophy,Saiva Siddhantha,Advaita,Visishdadvaida,all of these were derived from Ancient Christianity!

Was there Christianity before Christ?

And what is this ‘Adi Christianity?

There is something more.

Jesus Suprabhatha in Sanskrit,Time To Register Protest

In fact, Thirupparnkundram,One of the six special abode of Murugan,Subrahmanya,is called as Sikhander Mountain by Muslim groups and the hill in Kashmir where Adi Shankaracharya meditated,has been called as Suleiman Hills by the Department of Archeology,India.

Time people recorded these frauds so that future generations are not presented with false History.