Christ In Rig Veda Devatarchana Mantra? Nonsense

It is one thing to believe in one religion and inform others of its greatness to others by quoting personal experience and authentic sources from the religious text.

It is reprehensible to quote other religious texts as your own, without any evidence,and /or based on fraudulent translation of texts.All this ,to increase the number of followers!

Thus we have Christians claiming that Christ was foretold in the Vedas of the Hindus;Churches designed as Temples,That Christ had been to Kashmir,learnt Yoga and his Tomb is in Kashmir!

I had rebutted all this point by point with evidence.What shocked me today, on Christmas of 2020,an advertisement in the Deccan herald by a Christian missionary group, quoting Rig Vedic Devatharchana,as having been foretold Christ and Christianity.

The said Slokas, I am reproducing below.And I am providing the correct meaning in English from Sanskrit.

Instead of trying to propagate Christianity,thus, one can…….?!

yaanikaanicha paapaani janmaanthara kruthanicha

thaavithaani pranashyanthi pradakshina pade pade
(This mantra is Atma pradakshina in Rig Veda,occuring in Devatharchana,that is praying to Deities.

yani kani ca- whatever; papani- sins; janmantara- all my lives; krtani cacommitted; tani tani- those; vinashyanti- destroy; pradakshina- circumambulation; pade pade- with every step


O Bhagawan! Whatever sins I have committed all my lives (including previous lives), please destroy them at every step I take around you

paapoham paapakarmaaham paapaathmaa paapasambhavam

thraahimaam krupayaa deva sharanaagatha-vathsala

anyadha sharanam naasthi thvameva sharanam mama

thasmaathkaarunabhaavena raksha rakha maheshvara (or janardhana, or any deity name)


Paapoham Paapa karmaanam paapatma paapa sambavahaTraahimaam kripaya deva sharanagadha vatsala (+Anyatha)
I am a sinner  , I do sinful cts  , I am sinful soul, I am born of sin,Oh God mercifully   pardon   all this, Oh Lord who likes those   who surrender to you.

Translation by Siculars, Evangelists.

Realising the agony of man’s soul, our ancestors taught us to pray as:
“Paapoham, paapa karmaham, papaathmaa, paapa sambhavaa, thraahimaam Kripayaa Devaa ! saranaagatha vathsalaha, anyadhaa saranam naasthihi, thwameva saranam mamahaa “
Meaning : O compassionate GOD! have mercy on me for I am born in sin and live in sin. I have no refuge except you for my redemption.

The Vedas, dated nearly 3000 years back, declare that man can not save himself from spiritual death and God will incarnate Himself to save us. Man, being fully aware of his soul’s pathetic (sinful) state, is trying to please GOD through various oaths, gifts etc. In our country Brahmins perform yajnas and commoners offer sacrifices intending to please GOD and get salvation from eternal death.

Look at the clever translation.Apoears harmless,It isn’t.Hinduism does believe in the concept that Soul is Sinful. It says it is Sath Chit and Anandam Being, Consciousness and Bliss. It is not tainted by acts performed by this body. Recall kayena vacha,which states that all actions performed by My body,word, mind and deeds is because of my disposition. Therefore I dedicate all to the Reality as Narayana.

I shall rebut the attempts by Christianity to gain legitimacy by quoting Sanatan Dharma.

One response to “Christ In Rig Veda Devatarchana Mantra? Nonsense”

  1. Desperate attempts to establish greater legitimacy by somehow connecting with Rig Veda is an orchestrated practice adopted by Christian missionaries since quite some time. This must be countered by Hindus at all levels with all might.


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