How Christianity Attempted To Forge Thirukkural as Inspired by Bible Exposed By Court

I have, through this blog, been researching the antiquity of Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism and it’s presence throughout the world in ancient days among world cultures. It had taken centuries of concerted action by invaders, Dutch,Portuguese, French and the British and of course Islam and our own brand of quislings masquerading as Secularists to deny our history and culture by deliberate misinterpretation of our texts, practices , destruction of temples,libraries, religious conversion both sweet and by sword and floating fake theories by self styled Scholars and promoted by Church. And Christianity doesn’t feel anysense of shame when Christianity tries to Hinduise,funny use of the term,that is following Hindu practices like building churches like Hindu temples, Composing Jesus Suprapadha,Astotra, Sahasranama,….And they use Sanskrit in some places too.

Worst form of this attempt to legitimise Christianity, is trying to force ancient Hindu texts saying that they refer to Jesus. We have a joker, a self styled atheist,who was a born as a Brahmin,now a converted Christian by his preachings,says Kathopanishad refers only to Jesus. This crackpot is Tamil Actor Kamal Hassan’s brother Charu Hassan.And there are Christian groups in India and some Hindus too, say that Jesus was a Yogi he lived and learnt yoga in Kashmir and his tomb is in Kashmir. I have exposed this fake narrative in my blog post.

Now Christianity wants to encroach Tamil, one of the ancient languages of India,along with Sanskrit,by trying to forge the Thirukkural, an Ethical work by Thiruvalluvar, which is dated around 2000 years ago. But here again, secular fake historians date it between 300 to 600 AD!

Christianity seems to have lost its Ethical works, including The Bible,which, incidentally was compiled three hundred years after the death of Christ,that the Church tried to forge Thirukkural and prove that it was inspired by the Bible! First step was taken in this direction by G.U.Pope, a self styled Tamil scholar in his introduction to Thirukkural.

All this started with this- Rev.G.U.Pope who translated Kural bluffed in his IntroductionThiruvalluvar worked hard to acquire knowledge by all means. Whenever a ship anchors in Mylapore coast, Valluvar’s ‘Captain’ friend would send him message about the arrival of new visitors including foreigners. Many foreigners could have travelled in his friend’s vessel and landed in Mylapore via Sri Lanka. Within me I see the picture of Thiruvalluvar talking with the Christians gathering information and knowledge. He has gathered a lot of Christian theories in general and the minute details of Alexandrian principles in particular and incorporated them in his Thirukkural. The philosophy of Christian theories from the Church situated near Valluvar’s place is present clearly in Thirukkural. Thiruvalluvar lived between 800 AD and 1000 AD. The Christian Biblical works were certainly an evidence for Valluvar’s Thirukkural. He was certainly inspired by the Bible. Thriukural in its First Chapter “Kadavul Vaazththu(In Praise of God) does not use any name of God, though Thikural uses several God names in 27 or more Kurals. This became easy for Forgers as Archbishop Arulappaa, Devaneya Pavanar, Deivanayagam etc., in Tamilnadu.
Santhome church team worked to give wrong Christian meanings to Kural to interpret in a Christian way, and books were published from 1969 – first book being”Thiruvalluvar Christuvaraa?” with a foreword from then Chiefminister M.Karunanithi. In this Church funded book- Author says Kural is a small stone from the Mountain of Bible” and true researcher must acknowledge the truth that Kural was copied from Bible.”

Next step was taken by Arch Bishop Arulappa , Chennai with the help of a Brahmin convert Ganesh,John Ganesh.Read the facts as it unfolded , how the fake researcher was jailed.

Arch. Bishop Arulappa.

Archbishop Arulappa, Pavanar and Deivanayagam team wanted more, to prove for centuries Thirukural was known only as Christian Literuature and found one Ganesh Iyer- who was paid in Lakhs to Forge Old Manuscripts. Ganesh Iyer was given the name “Acharya Paul Ganesh”, Archbishop gave him his Car, a passport with address of residence as Archbishop’s official residence and went on a world tour including Vatican.

Church officials below Archbishop who did not like this Church Forgery – Filed a Case against Acharya Paul Ganesh Iyer as cheating Church- was convicted him for 10 months Imprisonment.The police case was complete. On April 29, 1980, Iyer was arrested and placed under remand, while prosecution proceedings were instituted under sections 419 (cheating by impersonation), 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property), 465 (forgery), 471 (using as genuine a forged document), 473 (making and possessing counterfeit seals with intent to commit forgery) of the Indian Penal Code and under section 12-B of the Indian Passports Act (obtaining a passport supplying false information).
Archbishop Arulappa testified against Iyer before the court. Iyer initially pleaded innocence, but later admitted to the fraud on all counts. He prayed that in view of his advancing age and critical family circumstances, he be shown leniency.

On February 6, 1986, P. Aruvudayappan, second metropolitan magistrate, Madras, delivered his judgment in case number 100087/82: “Taking advantage of the soft attitudes of public witnesses 2 and 3 (Father Mariadas and Father Arulappa),” he averred, “the defendant (Ganesh Iyer) had taken from them about Rs. 13.5 lakhs between 1975 and 1980. This has been clearly established. Taking into consideration the nature of the offenses, the defendant is being held guilty under various sections of the I.P.C. and has to undergo 10 months imprisonment and 5 month’s rigorous imprisonment under section 12-B of the Indian Passports Act. These sentences are to run concurrently. He had been arrested on April 29, 1980 and let off on bail on June 27, 1980. These 59 days of imprisonment are to be deducted from the total sentence as required under section 428 of the code of criminal procedure.”

What is even more curious is that even as criminal proceedings against Iyer were in progress in the magistrate’s court, a civil suit for a compromise had been filed in the Madras high court. The compromise decree was taken up immediately after the conclusion of the criminal case. Since Iyer had admitted the offense, his jail term was reduced to a mere two months imprisonment. And since he had already served 59 days of remand, this period was adjusted against the sentence.In other words, Iyer, who had defrauded the archbishop to the tune of about Rs. 14 lakhs, was let off without any further punishment. He was ordered to forfeit all claim on the money given to him by the archbishop. Accordingly, the ornaments and money seized from him by the police were returned to the archbishop. As part of the compromise, Iyer was allowed to retain the large bungalow he had purchased with the archbishop’s money.“I agreed to this compromise because there was nothing else I could do,” says Iyer. His viewpoint in understandable. For, going by the lower court’s verdict, he would have not only had to serve 5 months of rigorous imprisonment, but would have automatically had to forfeit all his properties including the house. Why the archbishop agreed to the compromise is not understandable.As the case was going – Arch Bishop formed “Tamil Christian Research Department” in Madras University with 100% Church funding – and now many P.Hd. are given to promote Thirukural as Christian book, and the effects of St.Thoms Preaching Christianity over Tamil Society. 

Arch Bishop Arulappa who in normal Catholic tradition remains as Archbishop till death was Retired due to poor health, to avoid further publicities.Again Archbishop Chinnappa wanted to spread Thiruvalluvar -St.Thomas Myth annouced a 50Crore funded film project launching it with Chief Minister M.Karunanithi.

Sources for this article and quotes.Originally published under the title “Hoax!” in The Illustrated Weekly of India, April 26 – May 2, 1987, Bombay

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