Planted Jesuit Ideology Surreptitiously in School Text Book Jesuit Father , Mentor To Government

I have written many articles on religious conversion by Christianity and it’s attempt to misinform people about Hinduism.This has been going on,unlike other states in India,in Tamil Nadu for over two hundred years. In Tamil Nadu, you shall find a Christian missionary from abroad , sporting a beard declaring that he is a Tamil lover and misinterpreted many ancient Tamil texts and he, and his ilk, were raised to a state of Tamil scholars by a group that is inimical to India and Hinduism.And this practice continues even today and is being supported and promoted by the Unemployable in Tamil Nadu.Promoted as one of the leading learning centres in Tamilnadu, an institution, not only had occupied Temple land and refuses to vacate after lease period is over,an institution that published motivated Exit polls before elections,has been promoting, with the official sanction of Government of Tamil Nadu, religious conversion.

Watch the video by Reverend ‘Father’ Joe Arun, a Director for several different Loyola group of institutions, declaring that ,on being appointed to revise the text book of school from standard one to twelve,he had planted Jesuit ideology in First standard social science book. He was mentor to Government of Tamil Nadu to revise text books. Honorable Chief minister of Tamil Nadu was present.

The gentleman is a qualified academic and is more adept in Cultural / Cross Cultural marketing. Some of his achievements as under.

  • Conflict management at Institute of Socio-cultural Anthropology, Oxford University, UK
  • Behaviour and Identity making at Loyola University, Chicago, USA
  • culture and communication at Department of Visual Communication for two years, Loyola College, Chennai India,
  • Foundation Courses at Loyola College, Chennai India,
  • Consumer behaviour, social entrepreneurship and cross-cultural management in Rajagiri Business School, Cochin, XIMR, St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India
  • Entrepreneurship and Crosscultural Management at Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA), Chennai India,
  • Marketing Management at SEG school of management, at Lille Catholic University, France, Angers University France,
  • Consumer Behaviour at Ingolstadt School of Management, Germany,
  • Cross-cultural Marketing at the department of Textile and Fashion Technology, in Fujen University, Taipei, Taiwan,
  • Perspectives in social sciences, and Indian culture in Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras. Taught Consumer Behaviour in ISEG School of management, at Lille Catholic University, France
  • Cross Cultural Business Enterprises at Angers University France
  • Consumer Behaviour and Crosscultural Management at Ingolstadt School of Management, Germany, as Professor of Crosscultural Management in Audi plant.

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