Independence To India A Disaster No Equality Sch. Tribes Ambedkar

There are some holy cows in India. One is not expected to comment or write anything about them, except in laudatory terms. They are,

  • Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
  • Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Ambedkar
  • EVR,E.V.Ramasamy Naicker, called as Periyar in Tamil,meaning The Learned, Revered
  • Annadurai,called Anna,Elder Brother in Tamil
  • MGR

Of the three, Sheen of Gandhi and Nehru are fading thanks to web and e books. As to EVR,Anna ,MGR,.. though the Tamils are intelligent,it is surprising how they allow themselves to be brainwashed,bullied and have become so gullible as to swallow the canards of the Dravidian parties ( I am a Tamil)

Ambedkar remains. None dare question his legacy or check information regarding him.Even BJP, possibly under the pressure of vote bank politics,is after promoting Brand Ambedkar.!

Information about Ambedkar.jpg.
Ambedkar facts from Reddit

Ambedkar’s views are on Indian Independence,Self Rule, Constituent Assembly and Scheduled Tribes.

Ambedkar on Independence to India .Ambedkar on Independence to India. Note of Meeting between Cabinet Delegation, Field Marshal Viscount Wavell and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar on Friday, 5 April 1946 at 12 noon [Nicholas Mansergh (1977), The Transfer of Power, 1942-47, Vol. 7, pp. 144-147]
Untouchables helped British- Ambedkar.

Ambedkar’s Opposition to Self Rule.

Ambedkar’s Views on Indian Independence,Self Rule, Constituent Assembly and Scheduled Tribes.

A majority of the makers of the Indian Constitution did not agree with Ambedkar’s view and provided equal rights and protections to STs.

Fact 1: Ambedkar told the British Viceroy Wavell on 5 April 1946: “If India became independent, it would be one of the greatest disasters that could happen,” (Transfer of Power, Vol VII, pp. 144-47). He claimed that “Swaraj (India under freedom) cannot but be a Hindu Raj” (Writings and Speeches, Vol 9, p. 393). Ambedkar insisted that India did not need a Constituent Assembly. “It is absolutely superfluous. I regard it as a most dangerous project.” He preferred the Government of India Act 1935 itself to be turned into the Constitution with some modifications (Writings and Speeches, Vol 1, pp. 360-1)..,.The All India Scheduled Castes Federation (led by Dr Ambedkar) even considered boycotting the Constituent Assembly, in the same way that the Muslim League actually did (Transfer of Power, Vol VII, pp.197-98). Ambedkar was not in favour of the one-man-one-vote principle, which underpins the working of parliamentary democracy in India (Writings and Speeches, Vol 1, p. 413). He also disapproved of the concept of territorial constituencies, which has been adopted by the Indian Constitution and the constitutions of most democracies around the world (Writings and Speeches, Vol 9, p. 396)…Ambedkar insisted, as late as in March 1947 (that is, after the Constituent Assembly had already been established on 9 December 1946), that the interests of the Scheduled Castes would not be safe in independent India unless they got “separate electorates”. (Writings and Speeches, Vol 1, p. 401) It may seem unbelievable today, but he had even demanded “separate villages” for SCs. Resolution No IV titled ‘Separate Settlements’, passed at the All India Scheduled Castes Conference in Nagpur in July 1942 (Writings and Speeches, Vol 9, p. 393), states: “The Constitution should provide for the transfer of the Scheduled Castes from their present habitation and form separate Scheduled Caste villages away from and independent of Hindu villages.”. Source . the Quint

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