Molecular Biology Cancer Treatment In Hinduism Vedas


“In the great teaching of the Vedas,
there is no touch of sectarianism.
It is of all ages, climes and nationalities
and is the royal road for the attainment of the Great Knowledge. ”

– Thoreau,
American Thinker


Vedic Chemistry
Chemistry in Vedic Times


Vedas, the authority for Hinduism  speaks of Science as Apara Vidya, Transitory Knowledge, which deals with this world of Name and Forms.


It speaks of Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry,Biology.Astronomy, Social Sciences ,Architecture, Medical Sciences including Surgery.


It also speaks of Nano Technology,Psychology,Space Travel,Ship Building.



Of Metallurgy,Mining,Manufacturing of Textiles,Cosmetics.


Of preserving Food.


Of detailed Chemical analysis and the way to treat many diseases, including Cancer.


The Siddhas are another school of Thought which throws excellent insight into Chemistry and Medicine,


Some Texts of Chemistry.


  • Rasahrdayatantra by Govind Bhagwatpad
  • Srasaratnakara by Siddha Nityanatha
  • Rasarnava by an unknown author
  • Srasendracudamani by Somadeva
  • Rasaratnasamuccaya by Vagbhatta
  • Rasaprakasasudhakara by Yasodhara
  • Rasarajalaksmi by Ramesvara Bhatta
  • Rasendracintamani by Dhundukanatha
  • Rasendracintamani by Ramacandra Guha
  • Rasasara by Govind Acarya
  • Rasakaumudi by Sarvajnacandra
  • Rasabhesajakalpa by Surya Pandita
  • Rasasamketakalika by Camunda
  • Lohapaddhati by Suresvara
  • Kankaligrantha by Nasirshah
  • Rasamuktavalina by Devanatha

Cancer was identified and methods of Healing included total eliination of cancer, Management .handling weight loss associated with Cancer and the side effects of Cancer.


Twenty Five plants have been identified, their chemical and therapeutic  properties analysed and were used in treating Cancer.


Forms of cancer Granti and Arbuda were discussed.








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2 thoughts on “Molecular Biology Cancer Treatment In Hinduism Vedas

  1. Thanks for posting an article on this topic. I know some one who was detected at the initial stages of cancer and is currently undergoing Ayurvedic treatment along with modern medicine and is surviving.

    There are many diseases that Ayurveda has cure for which modern science boasts of today. In spite of the vast knowledge & help available through ancient treating techniques, herbal & Ayurveda is neglected even by Indians. Sad, but true.

    It is said that knowledge of Ayurveda was given to Lord Danvantri by Lord Brahma himself. Lord Danvantri then passed on the message to mankind and Ayurveda is alive, even today. Ayurveda namely has 8 branches of study. They are:

    1. Kaya Chikitsa : Treatment given through general medicines which are consumed by the patient

    2. Baala Chikitsa : Treatment given to children. Pediatrics in modern terminology

    3. Graha Chikitsa : Treatment given for insanity, epilepsy and other psychosomatic diseases

    4. Urdhvanga Chikitsa: This discipline that treats ENT and dental problems

    5. Vajikarana Chikitsa : Treatment related to infertility and general treatment to improve one’s virility and help them acquire good progeny

    6. Shalya Chikitsa : This treatment is provided through surgical methods. Yes, Ayurvedic experts can actually perform surgery!

    7. Visha Chikitsa: This treatment is given to those who acquire poison from an animal/reptile bite.

    8. Rasayana Chikitsa : Treatment given to maintain youthfulness and rejuvenation. Yes you can de-stress yourself using Ayurvedic techniques. Interesting isn’t it?

    In spite of all this, Ayurveda is neglected. Most herbal medicines do not have side effects. Just that, we need to find the right doctor who can help! Baba Ramdev’s NGO, Patanjali, provides consultation with a qualified doctor & a store from where medicines can be purchased.

    Such is the rich culture of our nation! Such is the greatness of India! Jai ho!


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