Marriage Terms Before Shiva Omkareswara Madikeri

There is a Temple dedicated Lord Shiva in the form of Onkareswara, in Madikere ,Mercara(Madikeri) in Karnataka.


Located 267 km from Bangalore Madikeri is a place of scenic beauty and Nature’s splendor, yet to be unspoiled.


Omkareswara temple,Madikeri, Karnataka.Image'jpg.
Omkareswara temple,Madikeri, Karnataka. Image Credit.


The small town has interesting locales, Raja’s Seat,Old Fort , where the Government offices are houses now, Nisargadama, a wild life sanctuary, 3 km off Madikeri on the Madikeri Mysore Highway ,Dubare Forest(48 km from Madikeri) Abbi Falls(9 km),Talacauvery(the origin of River Cauvery and Bhaga Mandala(4 km)


In Madikeri the Onkareswara temple is situated.


A small shrine, more influenced by Kerala Architecture( Bhaga Mandala also has the same pattern) is in the center of the town.


The temple has no separate Sannidhi for Ambal.


What is more interesting  is the fact that parents of the bride and  the bride groom, on the day of betrothal, declare the terms of marriage, accompanied

by their relatives(!) state openly the terms for the marriage including the Monetary ones, before Lord Onkareswara , have the blessings of Lord Shiva.


I understand that this the custom among the Kodava Community, who are ardent worshipers of Shiva.


The temple is very clean and has a beautiful tank.


It is open from 7 am 12 and between 4 and 8 pm.


It is just a km from Bus station , Madikere.


Madikere can be reached from Bangalore by Bus(267 km), Mysore 9210 km)




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