Rama’s Brother In Law In 2 Million Year Old Karnataka Ramayana

There is Rishyasrunga Hill near Sringeri.

5.Rama’s sister was married to Shanta to Romapada.Romapada was the King of Anga Desa, now in Pakistan, near Mohenjo Daro. His son-in-law was Rishyasrunga, which makes Rishyasrunga Rama’s Sister’s husband!

A king named Dasharatha will be born into Ikshwaku dynasty who will be very virtuous, resplendent and truthful one to his vow.” Said Sanat Kumara, the Sage.”King Dasharatha will befriend the king of Anga and the king of Anga will beget a fortunate girl named Shanta.

Shanta is said to be the daughter of Dasharatha and given to Romapada in adoption, and Rishyasringa marries her alone. This is what Sumantra says to Dasharatha at 1-9-19.

Siddhas In Karnataka Bangalore Prehistoric Writings Images

The general information about the Siddhas are very limited.

Even here, there is a misconception that the Siddhas are Tamils and their presence is limited to Tamil Nadu.

When Siddhas can transcend Time and Space, a Country is nothing for them.

There are Siddha sites in Karnataka, that too near Bangalore.

Kannadigas From Yadava Tribe Agastya,Kapila.Tamil

As this date is 2 BC I searched for earlier connections with Sanatana Dharama.

References are found in the Tamil Classics on this and in Legends.

Tamil Purananuru, says the people of Karnataka were from the Yadavas of Dwaraka.

Now there are references in the Puranas of seven Dwarakas.

This reference about Kannadigas probably refers to the second Dwaraka, when the tribes left for the middle east and elsewhere because of Flood.

Who Are South Indian Brahmins, Five Vedic Families

Though the culture of India is one, one that is based on Hinduism,there are minor differences in practices by the people. The four castes, which is a loose  and incorrect translation of the word Varna, follow uniform code, though they might be quite far off from each other, despite no written scripture for such practices.…… Continue reading Who Are South Indian Brahmins, Five Vedic Families

Jayalalithaa Bail Rejection Right Correct

My friend for about 50 years slammed and hung up the phone on me.

Now that Jayalalithaa’s bail application has been rejected by the High Court of Karnataka, which I anticipated,my view on this issue remains the same.

We seem to have watered down basic values, being Honest,of Integrity, Sincerity, Loyalty.

We have started giving shades to the values.

Less Honest,Less sincere, slightly less loyal etc.