Middle east

CIA’s Unapproved Action,Libya.

C(aught)I(n the)A(ct) as usual and with out sanction.

This morning the LATimes published the following:

“In addition, current and former American officials say that CIA operatives and equipment were sent into rebel-held areas to monitor the opposition forces’ activity even before the air bombardment began. It’s not clear whether those operatives are still in Libya, and if so, what their current role is.” (latimes.com/news/politics/la-fg-libya-rebels-20110324,0,3195209.story)

Now this article popped up.

I don’t like coincidences with the CIA. We’ll see what develops.
Has anyone else heard anything about the CIA in Libya lately?

What exactly was a CIA-linked jet doing landing in Tripoli as the UN Security Council met to approve military action? Exchanges with air traffic control recorded by amateur radio hams show a plane with registration N799WW was cleared for landing at Mitiga International Airport 11km east of Tripoli on the evening of 17 March.

The Bombardier BD-700 plane is registered to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA, a subsidiary of US superbank Wells Fargo & Company. What has set tongues wagging is that the same subsidiary is the trustee for a Raytheon Hawker aircraft with a tail number N168BF which was allegedly used for extraordinary rendition flights by the CIA.

At 22:30 UTC this flight was airborne again from Mitiga and departed via Malta and Italy to an unknown destination, rumoured to be Luton.



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