Bharatavarsha Meaning

India is called Bharatavarsha.

Hindus , when performing a religious rite recite  about the location from where they are are praying, their ancestry and Time.

It is called Sankalpa, right determination.

Genealogof Bharata.jpg
Family Tree of Bharata. Click to enlarge the Image.

For more on Sankalpa , read my article in the hyperlink.

The Full Sankalpa Text.

Aadhya Brahmanah,

Dwdheeya Paraarthe,

Swetha Varaha Kalpe,

Vaivaswatha Manvantare,

Astavikum Sathi tha me.

Kali Yuge,

Pradhame padhe.

Jambooth Dweepe,

Bharata Varshe,

Bharata Kande,


Dakshine parsve for those south of India) Sahapthe,





Shasti Savastharaanam,

Madhye …….(name of the year) nama samvathsare

Dakshinaayane /Uttarayane(movement of the SUN to Cancer to Capricorn),

…….(Name of the season among the six seasons), Ritau,

…..(Name of The Month),

…….pakshe(indicate the Waxing and Waning of the Moon)

Punya Thithou,

…..(mention the Day) ”Vaasara  Yukthaayaam

…mention the Nakshatra/Star Yukthaayaam.

Asmaakam Saha Kudumbaanaam,

Kshema, Dhairya,, Veerya, Vijaya, Ayur, Arogya, Aiswarya Naam,Dharma ,Artha, Kama, Moksha,

Chatur vitah pala purushaartyartham,

..mention Gotra(your lineage ( there will be three in number-this is called ‘Pravaram- the details are posted separaetely)

..mention you christened Name”…

Here the term Bharatavarsha is mentioned.

It denotes a geographical location.

It is presumed to mean the present Indian Landmass.

It is not.

Bharatavarsha is not India

The term Bharatavarsha is taken to mean the Country of Bharata, Indian Emperor,son of  Emperor Dushyanta.


What is the meaning of Bharata?

Bharata means cherish.

Varsha has many meanings.

The meaning used in this context is,

division of the earth as separated off by certain mountain

Dushyanta was the father of emperor Bharata; a verse explanatory of his name is chaunted by the gods; “The mother is only the receptacle; it is the father by whom a son is begotten. Cherish thy son, Dushyanta; treat not Śakuntalá with disrespect. Sons, who are born from the paternal loins, rescue their progenitors from the infernal regions. Thou art the parent of this boy; Śakuntalá has spoken truth.” From the expression ‘cherish,’ Bharaswa, the prince was called Bharata .( Vishnu Purana  Chapter XIX)

So the meaning of Bharatavasha is Cherished Land of Bharata.

References and citations.

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  1. My mom always told me this was in reference to our land..I’m so glad to have that misconception cleared. Thank you!


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