Bharatavarsha Meaning

Dushyanta was the father of emperor Bharata; a verse explanatory of his name is chaunted by the gods; “The mother is only the receptacle; it is the father by whom a son is begotten. Cherish thy son, Dushyanta; treat not Śakuntalá with disrespect. Sons, who are born from the paternal loins, rescue their progenitors from the infernal regions

Bhagavatha Skanda Purana Identify Kumari Kandam

Aindram a Grammatical work of the early Tamils was destroyed.

This might be from the land mass Aindra.

Tamraparnam might mean the early Tamisl 47 Kingdoms.

River Tamraparni still flows in Thirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu.

This river lowed, in earlier times to further south and joined the sea in Kumarikndam as the now defunct ancient River Pahruli.

Love Letter To Lord Krishna Bhagavatham Guruvayaurappan Confirms

Rukmini expressed her Love for Krishna through a Love Letter and this is found in the Bhagavatham.

Author of the Text is Vyasa!

There was a difference of opinion as to whether the letter was in the Bhagavatham.

This was resolved by Krishna from His Temple in Guruvayur!

Shiva And Vishnu Advice To Each Others Devotees

Some go the extent of saying that , for a Vaishnavite, visiting Shiva’s Temple is equivalent to getting afflicted with Brahmahathi Dosha!

This was sent to me by a Vaishnavite friend of Mine, I am more ofa Vaishnavite in terms of understanding Their sampraday as I am from Srivilliputtur, and sent a detailed reply quoting the Vedas and Purans.

The gentleman who said so, I was informed grinned sheepishly and told my friend,

“Who is going to read all this?’

I am passing on what is being practiced, it is good for us!’

I have recently posted articles on Siva Stuthi by Krishna and Vishnu Stuthi By Shiva.

Let me quote from Srimad Bhagatham, the greatest Puran among all the Purans as it speaks of the Devotees of Lord Vishnu.

It is the greatest among the Purans as the Devotee is Greater that the God.