Love Letter To Lord Krishna Bhagavatham Guruvayaurappan Confirms

The sheer love of God  expressed in Hinduism is amazing .

The texts of the Hindus, The Vedas do not advocate Idol worship.

But it is sanctioned as a tool for realizing the Self.

For more on this please refer my Post on Hinduism  Has Many Gods, Yes and No.

God is treated as a child, Mother, Father, Friend , Lover….

But in the case of Lord Krishna, whose existence is proved it is different.

He married Rukmini.

Rukmini expressed her Love for Krishna through a Love Letter and this is found in the Bhagavatham.

Author of the Text is Vyasa!

There was a difference of opinion as to whether the letter was in the Bhagavatham.

This was resolved by Krishna from His Temple in Guruvayur!

‘In Bhagavatham, nowhere there is  any indication that Rukmini sent a letter to Krishna..She only sent a brahmin as emissary with the above message. 

But then there is an interesting story behind the theory that there was a letter. It concerns the celebrated devotee of Guruvayurappan, Poonthanam Nambuthiri. It is heard that Poonthanam, though an ardent devotee of Guruvayurappan, was not a scholar in Sankrit by any standards. However in his great devotion to Guruvayurappan, he used to narrate the story of Bhagavatham in the temple precincts at Guruvayur.. As an innocent remark, Poonthanam once stated during his narration that Rukmini sent a letter with the above message to Krishna through the brahmin. An intolerant brahmin scholar, intent on humiliating Poonthanam in pulic, raised the issue as to where it was written in Bhagavatham that there was a letter.
Then there came the voice of Guruvayurappan from His Sreekovil..” Is it said in Bhagavatham that there is no such letter? I know there was a letter because I sent it”This episode is narrated vividly in the Aitihyamala of Kottarathil Sankunni.

(chapter 45 –Poonthanathu Namboothiree)

श्रुत्वा गुणान्‌ भुवनसुन्दर शृण्वतां ते
निर्विश्य कर्णविवरैर्हरतोऽङ्गतापं।

रूपं दृशं दृशिमतां अखिलार्थलाभं
त्वय्यच्युताविशति चित्तमपत्रपं मे॥१

śrutvā guṇān bhuvanasundara śṛṇvatāṁ te
nirviśya karṇavivarairharato’ṅgatāpaṁ|
rūpaṁ dṛśaṁ dṛśimatāṁ akhilārthalābhaṁ
tvayyacyutāviśati cittamapatrapaṁ me||1

का त्वा मुकुन्द महती कुलशीलरूप
धीरा पतिं कुलवती न वृणीत कन्या
काले नृसिंह नरलोकमनोऽभिरामं॥२

kā tvā mukunda mahatī kulaśīlarūpa
dhīrā patiṁ kulavatī na vṛṇīta kanyā
kāle nṛsiṁha naralokamano’bhirāmaṁ||2

तन्मे भवान्‌ खलु वृतः पतिरङ्ग जाया-
मात्मार्पितश्च भवतोऽत्र विभो विधेहि।
मा वीरभागमभिमर्शतु चैद्य आरात्-
गोमायुवद्‌ मृगपतेर्बलिमंबुजाक्ष॥३

tanme bhavān khalu vṛtaḥ patiraṅga jāyā-
mātmārpitaśca bhavato’tra vibho vidhehi|
mā vīrabhāgamabhimarśatu caidya ārat-
gomāyuvad mṛgapaterbalimaṁbujākṣa||3

गुर्वर्च्चनादिभिरलं भगवान्‌ परेशः।
आराधितो यदि गदाग्रज एत्य पाणिं
गृह्ण्णातु मे न दमघोषसुतादयोऽन्न्ये॥४

gurvarccanādibhiralaṁ bhagavān pareśaḥ|
ārādhito yadi gadāgraja etya pāṇiṁ
gṛhṇṇātu me na damaghoṣasutādayo’nnye||4

श्वोभाविनि त्वमजितोद्वहने विदर्भान्
गुप्तः समेत्य पृतनपतिभिः परीतः।
निर्म्मथ्य चैद्यमगधेन्द्रबलं प्रसह्य
मां राक्षसेन विधिनोद्वह वीर्यशुल्कां॥५

śvobhāvini tvamajitodvahane vidarbhān
guptaḥ sametya pṛtanapatibhiḥ parītaḥ|
nirmmathya caidyamagadhendrabalaṁ prasahya
māṁ rākṣasena vidhinodvaha vīryaśulkāṁ||5

अन्तःपुरान्तरचरीमनिहत्य बन्धुं
स्त्वामुद्वहे कथमिति प्रवदाम्युपायं।
पूर्वेद्युरस्ति महती कुलदेवियात्रा
यस्यां बहिर्न्नवावधूर्ग्गिरिजामुपेयात्॥६

antaḥpurāntaracarīmanihatya bandhuṁ
stvāmudvahe kathamiti pravadāmyupāyaṁ|
pūrvedyurasti mahatī kuladeviyātrā
yasyāṁ bahirnnavāvadhūrggirijāmupeyāt||6

यस्याङ्घ्रिपङ्कजरजस्नपनं महान्तो
यर्ह्यम्बुजाक्ष न लभेय भवत्प्रादं
जह्यामसून् व्रतकृशान् शतजन्मभिः स्यात्॥७

yasyāṅghripaṅkajarajasnapanaṁ mahānto
yarhyambujākṣa na labheya bhavatprādaṁ
jahyāmasūn vratakṛśān śatajanmabhiḥ syāt||7

(Srimad Bhagavatamahapuranam Dashamaskanadm
52–slokas 37 to 43)

( free translation avoiding technicalities to the extent possible) is given below)
Krishna, you are the most attractive person in the whole
universe, and having listened to your glories which enter one’s
thought through the ears and destroys all woes of the body and
mind, and Oh Achyutha, my shameless mind dwells upon you
incapable of being wrenched away from your beautiful form
which is the ultimate thing for anyone to set his eyes upon and
that form bestows on all eternal fortune.

Oh Mukunda, which girl , who has some strength of mind, who
is born of high family , and in at least some way comparable to
you in upbringing, character beauty, education ,age, wealth
and status would not simply woo you by mind, you who looks
like a lion in human form (you were once Narasaimha) and
who is simply enchanting to the minds of all the living beings
in this world.

Therefore, you please accept me who has by my own will
accepted you as my husband in mind and has simply placed my
body and soul at your lotus feet, as you are the granter of all
boons. Now I belong to you. Don’t permit the king of Chedhi
the Sisupala to take possession of me. It will be like a wily
jackal stealing away the royal food earmarked for the
consumption of the Lion.

If it a fact that you, the Lord of the Universe, have been
worshiped by me with full devotion through good deeds like
digging of ponds and lakes, offering to fire, through gifts to
deserving people, through pilgrimages, through offerings to
Brahmins on auspicious occasions, through worship of
Brahmins, gods and preceptors, then you must immediately
reach here and take possession of me through accepting my
hands. My hands should not be dirtied by an evil fellow like

You Krishna the unconquerable, you please come over to
Vidharabha tomorrow itself without being noticed by anyone.
You must annihilate or defeat the Sisupala and his retinue with
your own valour and marry me through the rakshasa method
as a prize for your valour.

If you are wondering how you can enter the palace at Vidarbha
and accept me without causing damage to the lives of my
relatives, I shall inform you the right way. On the eve of the
marriage day there is a big procession to the Durga temple .
Accompanying that procession, me the bride, will be going to
the Parvati temple for worship.

My Krishna, gods like the husband of Uma are eagerly
awaiting to bathe themselves in the dust of your feet so that
their own weaknesses will be removed. If it is my fate that I
am not fortunate to get the protection from such great Krishna, I will kill myself through severe austerities in this life and will be born in hundreds of future lives till I attain your company.

Citation and reference.

Thank you Mr. Ananthanarayanan Vaidyanathan.

5 responses to “Love Letter To Lord Krishna Bhagavatham Guruvayaurappan Confirms”

  1. Beautifully explained.
    Waiting to hear more. Shall be extremely grateful if the malayalam translation is also included or link attached.
    Thank you.


  2. Hi , friend since we all are rational people, we try to find facts from our
    holy books. I too found many of which I would like to share some with you.
    Kindly look into following videos : (YouTube)
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    English [Full Documentary]
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  3. Hi, friend I have been following your blog’s for quite a while and was fascinated by the strong research work you do to dig into history and science. I wanted you to find out and write a blog on ShivLing , why is ShivaLing is considered an alternative for the Shiv Idol. What’s the story both fact and fiction behind the Shiv Long
    Why do Nepali Hindu pandits do Penal Circumcision as a devotion to ShivLing.


    • Regarding penal circumcision I shall write.On shiva as linga I have written quite a few posts. Please google shiva linga +ramanan50.Regards


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