I have written a series of articles on the Vedas, the Scripture of the Hindus, texts,translations,thecway they have been transmitted and the chain for passing on the oral tradition.
Each Veda, that is Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva veda has different Guru Parampara.
Given below in the image is the Rig Veda Guru Parampara.


The Rig veda has a collection of 10472 riks(mantras)with valakhilya sookta comprising of 80 mantras.this is the oldest form of knowledge in the world today.The Riks are the collection of lyrics in praise of different Gods ,recited by the priests known as HOTA.Special exphasis is laid on soul’s awakening,It has universal appeal:” Let all men meet and think as with one mind.Let all hearts unite in Love.Let the goal be common.May all live in happiness with common purpose”SageRishi Paila has composed this veda under the instructions of Bhagavan Vyasa.
Vedics who have mastered Rig veda tatva ,HOTAS can perform yagas and homas.
Rig veda comprises of the following divisions.
With two shakas one in Bhaskala and another in Bhaskala shaka.

Citation and reference.

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