Yoga Guru Parampara List Thirumoolar Thirumandhiram

Siva is considered to be the Adhi Yogi, First Yogi. He gave the world Vaasi Yoga. Vaasi Yoga is different from The Asthtanga Yoga of Patanjali in that while Vaasi Yoga directly reaches out to Consciousness, Asthtanga Yoga reaches out to Consciousness through the Modifications of Chitta. That is the cessation of thought processes.

Rig Veda Guru Parampara

have written a series of articles on the Vedas, the Scripture of the Hindus, texts,translations,thecway they have been transmitted and the chain for passing on the oral tradition.
Each Veda, that is Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva veda has different Guru Parampara.

What Is Parampara Three Types Of Gurus

Rig, Yajur( shukla and krishna), Sama and Atharva
Each has one Parampara.
Parampara (Sanskrit: परम्परा, paramparā) denotes a succession of teachers and disciples in traditional Vedic culture and Indian religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. It is also known as guru-shishya tradition ("succession from guru to disciple").

The Sanskrit word literally means an uninterrupted row or series, order, succession, continuation, mediation, tradition.In the traditional residential form of education, the shishya remains with his or her guru as a family member and gets the

Guru, Acharya,Upaadhyaayar-Kanchi Periyavar.

In India, especially in Tamil Nadu , we use the term Guru,Acharyar and Upaadhyaaar very loosely, often interchanging  one for another. Vedas are Sruthi, that is,  it is not written or composed. They are the Fundamental Truths and sounds that are captured from Aakaasa or loosely translated as Ether, by the Rishis or Seers for … Continue reading Guru, Acharya,Upaadhyaayar-Kanchi Periyavar.