Yoga Guru Parampara List Thirumoolar Thirumandhiram

Siva is considered to be the Adhi Yogi, First Yogi. He gave the world Vaasi Yoga. Vaasi Yoga is different from The Asthtanga Yoga of Patanjali in that while Vaasi Yoga directly reaches out to Consciousness, Asthtanga Yoga reaches out to Consciousness through the Modifications of Chitta. That is the cessation of thought processes. When the senses are quiet, mind is at rest and intelligence is still, consciousness is reached and modifications of Chitta cease. In Vaasi Yoga, this stage is reached directly. In Ashtanga Yoga, this stage is reached through the Mind and this process is one step away from Realization while Vaasi yoga directly achieves Realization. As the practice of Vaasi Yoga is difficult, Patanjali was ordered by Siva to give to the world as easier method, Ashtanga Yoga. Patanjali had Bhogar with him while revealing the Ashtanga Yoga. These three are the foremost Gurus in Ashtanga Yoga.

Ganga coming down to Earth from Heaven.  Falls on Siva's Head and he locked it in his hairlocks.
Ganga coming down to earth.

Thirumandhiram by Thirumoolar imparts the knowledge of Yoga as revealed by Siva. Some essential details in Thirumandhiram differ from Ashtanga Yoga. Thirumandhiram is oriented more towards Vaasi Yoga and the practices mentioned differ slightly from Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga. I shall highlight them in another article.

Thirumandhiram is in Tamil language which is one of the ancient languages of India and it evolved from the sound of Damaru of Siva, along with Sanskrit. Thirumandhiram was composed by Thirumoolar, A Siddha. The text has 3000 verses, all dealing with Self realization. It forms the basis of Saiva Siddhandha.

Thirumoolar lists the Guru Parampara of Yoga.

  • Sanaka
  • Sanathana
  • Sanatana
  • Sanatkumara
  • Siva Yogi
  • Patanjali
  • Vyakrapada
  • Thirumoolar

First four are the Mental projections ,sons of Brahma. Siva Yogi is a Siddha.These eight learnt it from Siva. Nandi is Given a special status and He is to Bless ine to learn Yoga.

67. நந்தி அருள் பெற்ற நாதரை நாடிடின்
நந்திகள் நால்வர் சிவயோக மாமுனி
மன்று தொழுத பதஞ்சலி *வியாக்ரமர்
என்று இவர் என்னோடு எண்மரும் ஆமே. 1
     நந்தி அருள் பெற்ற எண்மர்! சிவனிடம் உபதேசம் பெற்ற குருநாதர் எண்மராவர். அவர்கள் 1.சனகர் 2.சனந்தனர் 3.சனாதனர் 4.சனற்குமாரர் 5.சிவயோகமாமுனி 6.பதஞ்சலி 7.வியாக்ரபாதர் 8.திருமூலர்.

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