The Vedas ‘, the Basic Scripture of the Hindus are not in wriiten form.
They have been transmitted orally.
The amazing fact is that the intonation of The Vedas in India,a country spread over three thousand miles in length with over 21 languages and about 1350 dialects,is the same thrughout the country.

Sringeri Guru Parampara.

The Vedas are believed to be not man made, they are Aparusheya, not made by Man.
They were grasped from Ether by the Rishis, Seers.
For more on Vedas please read my posts.
The Vedas have been transmitted orally by a Perceptor, Guru to the disciple Sishya in an unbroken chain.
This transmission chain is called Parampara.
There are four Vedas.
Rig, Yajur( shukla and krishna), Sama and Atharva
Each has one Parampara.
Parampara (Sanskrit: परम्परा, paramparā) denotes a succession of teachers and disciples in traditional Vedic culture and Indian religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. It is also known as guru-shishya tradition (“succession from guru to disciple”).

The Sanskrit word literally means an uninterrupted row or series, order, succession, continuation, mediation, tradition.In the traditional residential form of education, the shishya remains with his or her guru as a family member and gets the education as a true learner.

In some traditions there is never more than one active master at the same time in the same guruparamaparya (lineage)

Types of Gurus.
In paramapara, not only is the immediate guru revered, the three preceding gurus are also worshipped or revered. These are known variously as the kala-guru or as the “four gurus” and are designated as follows:

Guru – the immediate guru
Parama-guru – the Guru of the Parampara or specific tradition (e.g. for the Śankaracharya’s this is Adi Śankara)

Parātpara-Guru – the Guru who is the source of knowledge for many traditions (e.g. for the Śankaracharya’s this is Vedavyāsa)

Parameṣṭhi-guru – the highest Guru, who has the power to bestow mokṣa (usually depicted as Śiva, being the highest Guru.


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  1. Hope second time lucky,if I can get your 2 cents on the following:
    I would like to learn vedas. I am not sure where I cna learn it. Since you learnt it, If you could help me in direction how to start or where to start would be really appreciated.
    There are various hymn in vedas. How is this different from gayathri, kubera, dhanvantri mantras. Is all these mantras are mentioned in the vedas?
    As by the famous toast goes, its health , wealth and happines. Is there a mantra for each one of them? I see lots of them for each of the item but I am confused to which I should follow. I am sure all are damn good but if I have to start one which one it would be?


    1. Vedas have to be learnt in person. If you tell me where you reside I may be able to suggest some one.As to Mantras Hymns Sukthas etc kindly refer my articles on these. For specific issue you may google the issue +ramanan50 ,for example for financial problems search financial problems+ramanan50.


  2. ॥श्रीगुरुपरम्परास्तोत्रम्॥
    गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुर्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वर: ।
    गुरुस्साक्षात् परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥
    Master is Brahma; Master is Vishnu; The Master is Divine Mahesvara; Supreme Divine, the Master is truly, We salute hence the glorious Master.
    शुद्धस्फटिकसंकाशं शुद्धविद्याप्रदायकम् ।
    शुद्धं पूर्णं चिदानन्दं सदाशिवमहं श्रये ॥१॥
    He is resplendent like a crystal pure; He kindles in us sacred knowledge serene Immaculate, Consciousness-Bliss He is. Obeisance to Lord Sadasiva !
    सीमातीतमनाद्यन्तं नामोच्चारणभेषजम् ।
    कामिताशेषफलदं श्रीमद्विष्णुमहं श्रये ॥२॥
    Limitless He’s beginningless, endless; His very name, it cures the ills of birth; His Grace accords what one desires in life. To that Vishnu, my Lord, salutations !
    योगि हृत्पद्मनिलयं नतजीवहिते रतम् ।
    श्रुतीनां जन्मभूमिं त्वां चतुर्मुखमहं श्रये ॥३॥
    The lotus heart of yogis is Thy seat; Thou givest humble bhaktas what is good; The birth and source of all scriptures Thou art. I bow to thee, O Lord of four faces!
    प्रसमाहितमत्यन्तं प्रथिमामिततेजसम् ।
    वशीकृतपरानन्दं वसिष्ठं गुरुमाश्रये ॥४॥
    Immersed He is in deep transcendent trance; The splendid sage of serene peace and bliss; Alluring Light of lofty beatitude; Salutations to seigneur Vasistha !
    शुक्तौ रूप्यमिवाभाति यद्रूपं मयि कल्पितम् ।
    शक्त्या परि तं येन शक्तिं तं गुरुमाश्रये ॥५॥
    He has the holy puissance to annul; The form imagined by my delusion ; Shining like silver in the oyster shell. I take refuge in That Master Shakti.
    करणातीतचिद्रूपं परिपूर्णं परायणम् ।
    परमानन्दसंतुष्टं पराशरमहं श्रये ॥६॥
    His form is Knowledge transcending the mind; The perfect Lord of integral wisdom; The happy Master of supreme delight; Salutations to Sire Parasara!
    वेदव्यासं स्वात्मरूपं सत्यसन्धं परायणम् ।
    शान्तं जितेन्द्रियक्रोधं सशिष्यं प्रणमाम्यहम् ॥७॥
    Veda Vyasa, the form of inner Self, The light to Truth and life serene divine; The peaceful saint who has the wrath subdued; We bow to Him followed by disciples.
    त्रिकालातीतचिन्मात्रप्रशान्तस्वान्तसंयुतम् ।
    विकाराद्यैरसंस्पृष्टं शुकं गुरुमहं श्रये ॥८॥
    God-conscious one beyond the triple time; The sage of peace and solemn selfdelight; Immutable, illusionless and sweet. I humbly bow at Master Suka’s feet.
    गूढा माया यस्य वाक्यैर्व्रीडिता विलयं गता ।
    क्रीडन्तं विद्यया सार्धं गौडपादं तमाश्रये ॥९॥
    The splendid sage who cows down sly Maya; That deludes the mind and confuses all; He who sports with spiritual learning; To that graceful Gaudapada I bow.
    जीवेशभेदरहितं नाविकं भववारिधेः ।
    भावाभावविदूरस्थं गोविन्दं गुरुमाश्रये ॥१०॥
    He does not distinguish his self from God; He steers our life across the sea of birth; “Is and Is-not” he easily surmounts; To Master Govinda salutations !
    शङ्कारूपेण मच्चित्तं पङ्कीकृतमभूद्यया ।
    किङ्करी यस्य सा माया शङ्कराचार्यमाश्रये ॥११॥
    The tricky Maya that cleverly deludes; And raises storms of dismay in my mind, That illusion is his servant maid; Salutations to Sankaracharya !
    विश्वं मायामयत्वेन रूपितं यत्प्रबोधतः ।
    विश्वं च यत्स्वरूपं तं वार्तिकाचार्यमाश्रये ॥१२॥
    A lucid gloss he wrote upon the Truth; That the illusion which pervades the world Is imbedded nowhere but in the mind-Suresvaracharya – him I salute !
    अनाद्यविद्यामुत्सार्य प्रज्ञानघनरूपताम् ।
    यो बोधयति सच्छिष्यान् तं बोधघनमाश्रये ॥१३॥
    This Truth he teaches worthy disciples; “Thou art the wakeful conscious inner Self Which shall root out the ancient delusion” ; I bow at the feet of Bhodhaghana !
    सिताघनादिदृष्टान्तैर्यत्स्वरूपं श्रुतिर्जगौ ।
    प्रज्ञानघन एवेति तं ज्ञानघनमाश्रये ॥१४॥
    His clear wisdom culling analogies; From ancient Upanishads candy-sweet; Kindles ablaze the Knowledge of the Self; Such is Jnanaghana; him I adore.
    ज्ञानानामुत्तमं ज्ञानं ज्ञानिनामुत्तमो यतः ।
    ज्ञानोत्तम इति ख्यातं गुरुं तमहमाश्रये ॥१५॥
    The Sage among sages-Jnanottama; He knows the self, knowing Knowledge supreme; The world honours Him as the highest One;To Him I bow-adorable Master!
    ज्ञाननिश्रेणिमालम्ब्य ब्रह्माख्यं गिरिमुन्नतम् ।
    आरुह्य कृतकृत्यो यस्तं ज्ञानगिरिमाश्रये ॥१६॥
    He scaled the mount of wisdom step by step; And climbed the peak of Brahman transcendent; His life was fulfilled in That, lofty Truth, To Sage Jnanagiri salutations!
    दुर्वादिदुष्टमातङ्गविदारणपटीयसे ।
    नमः श्रीसिंहगिरये गुरवे दिव्यचक्षुषे ॥१७॥
    Salutations to Sage Simhagiri; Whose divine vision beams with true wisdom; Whose lion like inner strength rips as under; Wicked elephants, wrangling stubborn foes.
    ईप्सितार्थप्रदो नित्यं प्रणतानां च देहिनाम् ।
    यतिरीश्वरतीर्थाख्य: तं नमामि गुरुं शिवम् ॥१८॥
    Great as Siva, he grants with gracious heart; The boons that pure beloved souls aspire; I do salute and solemnly adore; That saintly Master Isvara Tirtha.
    श्रुतिमस्तककूटस्थमज्ञानद्विपभेदिनम् ।
    श्रीमन्त्रराजमूर्तिं तं नृसिंहं गुरुमाश्रये ॥१९॥
    The light effulgent up the Vedic Hill; The power that kills elephant-Ignorance; The royal Sage of mantras-embodied; I humbly seek the Master Nrisimha.
    अविद्याच्छन्नभावानां नृणां विद्योपदेशतः ।
    प्रकाशयति यस्तत्त्वं तं विद्यातीर्थमाश्रये ॥२०॥
    He brings the Light of Wisdom by His words; To men that are immersed in ignorance; He holds the torch of Truth for all the world; Homage to Him, holy Vidya Tirtha !
    अज्ञानां जाह्नवी तीर्थं विद्यातीर्थं विवेकिनाम् ।
    सर्वेषां सुखदं तीर्थं भारतीतीर्थमाश्रये ॥२१॥
    Ganga is Tirtha to the ignorant, Gnosis is the Tirtha of the wise, There is the Tirtha of the wise, Bharati Tirtha ! Unto Him I bow!
    अविद्यारण्यकान्तारे भ्रमतां प्राणिनां सदा ।
    विद्यामार्गोपदेष्टारं विद्यारण्यगुरुं श्रये ॥२२॥
    To souls that saunter in utter dismay; The dark woodlands of mental ignorance; He shows the path of wisdom, Vidya true, Homage to Saint Vidyaranya the Great !
    विद्याविद्याविवेकेन पारं संसारवारिधेः ।
    प्रापयत्यनिशं भक्तान् तं विद्यारण्यमाश्रये ॥२३॥
    Homage to this Vidyaranya serene; Who holds the high light that discriminates Knowledge of the Real from unreal; And helps bhaktas cross the sea of birth.
    अविद्यारण्यसंक्लेशकृशानुभृशतापितः ।
    संश्रये सततं भूत्यै चन्द्रशेखरचन्द्रिकाम् ॥२४॥
    Led astray and caught in forest fire; Of ignorance I suffered wounds of woe; That moon allayed me with ambrosial rays; Him I adore. Hail Chandrasekhara !
    अविद्याख्यद्विपद्वैधीभावे दक्षं समाश्रये ।
    नृसिंहभारतीशाख्यहरिं श्रुतिगुहाश्रयम् ॥२५॥
    He has the lion-like strength and great courage; To rend the wild tusker of ignorance The light that always shines in Vedic Cave; Him I adore Nrisimha Bharati !
    पुरुषोत्तमतां यान्ति यमाश्रित्य जनाः श्रये ।
    क्षराक्षरमतीतं तं पुरुषोत्तमयोगिनम् ॥२६॥
    They shall be supermen who seek His feet; He is the fleeting world and lasting soul; Beyond them both He is the transcendent. Homage to that Purushottama Yogi !
    किङ्करीकृतभूपालं पङ्केरुहसमाननम् ।
    तं कारुण्यपयोराशिं शङ्कराख्यं गुरुं श्रये ॥२७॥
    Sovereigns of earth are His humble servants; His smiling face is like the lotus flower; His heart is an ocean of compassion; Master Shankara, in Him I take refuge !
    चन्द्रिकाधवलोदारसान्द्रकीर्तिच्छटाधरम् ।
    इन्द्रियैर्दुर्जयं नौमि चन्द्रशेखरभारतीम् ॥२८॥
    Like silver moonlight shines His sacred ash; His spotless fame is sung by seer poets! He has conquered the senses rare to win; Salute Chandrasekhara Bharati !
    प्रसिद्धविद्यानिलयं लसमानगुणोत्कटम् ।
    बिसजाक्षार्चकं भक्त्या नृसिंहं तीर्थमाश्रये ॥२९॥
    He is the famous home of high learning; Supreme Master full of sacred virtues; The fervent votary of Sri Krishna; I pay homage to Nrisimha Tirtha !
    पुरुहूतादिदेवौघपौरुषेयगुणोत्कटम् ।
    पुरुषार्थप्रदं नौमि पुरुषोत्तमयोगिनम् ॥३०॥
    Indra following, all celestials; Adore this Sage of all manly virtues; He fulfils the four ideals of life. I hail the Yogi Purushottama !
    कामद्विरदपञ्चास्यरामणीयकमन्दिरम् ।
    सोमोपमाननं श्रीमद्रामचन्द्रगुरुं भजे ॥३१॥
    The lion that kills the elephant of lust; The holy shrine of pleasing qualities; His smiling face is always full-moon bright; Hail holy Master Srimat Ramchandra !
    सुरसिन्धुलसत्कीर्तिं स्मरसिन्धुघटोद्भवम् ।
    नारसिंहार्चकं श्रीमन्नारसिंहयतिं भजे ॥३२॥
    His fame is like the swelling Ganges-flood; Like Agastya He drinks the desire-sea; He does adore God Nrisimha daily; With love I worship Nrisimha the Saint !
    सारासारविवेकज्ञं मारकाननकुञ्जरम् ।
    शूरं दाने च निरतं नारसिंहयतिं भजे ॥३३॥
    His wisdom knows what is worth and not worth; His will is a tusker that kills the lust He gives and gives; He is heroic brave; I hail with love Nrisimha Saint of Saints !
    नृसिंहतां प्रयान्त्याशु यमाश्रित्य जना भुवि ।
    तं नृसिंहगुरुं वन्दे द्विगुणोपपदं सदा ॥३४॥
    Men of earth that take refuge in him; Shall become lions of loftiest virtues; His holy feet I adore in full faith; Hail Nrisimha Bharati the saint !
    तं सर्वभूताभयदं विभवैरन्वितं परम् ।
    नारसिंहं गुरुं चापि नवं ज्ञानार्णवं भजे ॥३५॥
    Fear he removes from all the human minds; He is majestic and magnanimous; An ocean of spiritual knowledge; Hail Abhinava Nrisimha Bharati !
    सत्यस्वरूपं सद्ज्ञाननिष्ठं साक्षाच्छिवं परम् ।
    सदा दानरतं दान्तं सच्चिदानन्दमाश्रये ॥३६॥
    Truth incarnate, firm in self-knowledge; Like supreme Siva, He is ever blissful; Self-controlled. He delights in giving; Homage to Master Satchidananda !
    महामेरुसमं धैर्ये माधुर्येऽप्यमृतोपमम् ।
    ऊहापोहार्थनिष्णातं नारसिंहं गुरुं भजे ॥३७॥
    In mightly courage He is the mount Meru, In heart He is like nectar tender sweet, Intrepid in inner truth of things; I hail the holy Master Nrisimha !
    सच्चित्ताम्बुजमित्राय सच्चरित्रयुजे नमः ।
    सच्चिदानन्दभारत्यै सच्चिदानन्दमूर्तये ॥३८॥
    The Sun who opens blooming lotus-hearts; Whose sacred life is sung by seer poets; Who is the Truth-Knowledge-Bliss embodied; I bow to Satchidananda Bharati.
    सच्चिदनन्दभारत्यै नव्यायास्तु नमोऽनिशम् ।
    भव्यात्मज्ञाननिर्धूताविद्याकार्योपलब्धये ॥३९॥
    By radiating blessed Self-knowledge; He annuls ignorance in all beings; Abhinava Satchidananda Bharati; Him I adore as my Master supreme !
    मारमातङ्गपञ्चास्यं मदसर्पद्विजर्षभम् ।
    नृसिंहभारतीं वन्दे जिताक्षतुरगं सदा ॥४०॥
    The elephant that quells vital passions; Eagle that kills the snake of mental pride; Hero controlling steeds of wild senses. Salutation, Nrisimha Bharati !
    तत्त्वमस्यादिवेदान्तवाक्यार्थज्ञानवारिधेः ।
    पूर्णचन्द्रमसं वन्दे सच्चिदानन्दयोगिनम् ॥४१॥
    He is the sea of knowledge that expounds; Vedanta’s essence which is Thou art That ; His visage beams with wisdom like the moon. I bow to Satchidananda Yogi !
    अभिनवपदपूर्वान् सच्चिदानन्दसंज्ञान्
    निगमशिखरवेद्यान् नित्यकल्याणरूपान् ।
    त्रिभुवनजनवन्द्यान् सर्वलोकैकहृद्यान्
    हृदय कमलमध्ये भावयाम्यम्बुजास्यान् ॥४२॥
    The Sage aloft the peak of Vedic lore, Auspicious One, Eternal Bliss Divine; Adored by great men of the triple planes, Gladdening the hearts of good devotees; The lotus faced effulgent saint He is Abhinava Satchidananda Bharati. I worship Him in my lotus heart.
    प्रह्लादवरदो देवो यो नृसिंहः परो हरिः ।
    नृसिंहोपासकं नित्यं तं नृसिंहगुरुं भजे ॥४३॥
    He’s Hari who protected Prahlada; The lion who quells the foes of faith and truth; The worshipper of Nrisimha the Lord. Salute Master Nrisimha Bharati !
    श्रीसच्चिदानन्दशिवाभिनव्यनृसिंहभारत्यभिधान् यतीन्द्रान् ।
    विद्यानिधीन् मन्त्रनिधीन् सदात्मनिष्ठान् भजे मानवशंभुरूपान् ॥४४॥
    Hail self-immersed Siva in human form; Treasure of learning, treasure of mantric lore; King of Sages, Satchidananda Siva Abhinava Nrisimha Bharati !
    सदात्मध्याननिरतं विषयेभ्यः पराङमुखम् ।
    नौमि शास्त्रेषु निष्णातं चन्द्रशेखरभारतीम् ॥४५॥
    Unattached to objects of the senses; Immersed in meditation day and night; Skilful in sacred lore which he does live; Salute Chandrasekhara Bharati !
    विवेकिनं महाप्रज्ञं धैर्यौदार्यक्षमानिधिम् ।
    सदाऽभिनवपूर्वं तं विद्यातीर्थगुरुं भजे ॥४६॥
    I worship my Guru Sri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha; Endowed with discrimination; Great perception, a repository of courage, Forgiveness and generosity.
    भारतीकरुणा पात्रं भारती पदभूषणम् ।
    भारती पदमारूढं भारतीतीर्थमाश्रये ॥४७॥
    सदाशिवसमारम्भां शङ्कराचार्यमध्यमाम् ।
    अस्मदाचार्यपर्यन्तां वन्दे गुरुपरम्पराम् ॥ ४८ ॥
    ॥ इति श्रीगुरुपरम्परास्तोत्रं संपूर्णम् ॥


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