Terrorism in Tamil Nadu Swamy Releases CDs

Whike we talk about Terrorism in the middle east , Pakistan, Europe US and eksewhere we tend to ignore the threat of Terrorism in India.
As coverage of this news is not secular and shows an intolerance(?), and recording covering and reporting does not get you the tag of an Intelligentsia,this news is never reported.



Even if the terrorists are known it is reported as minority as it would hurt religious sentiments.
Some of us are aware of the happenings in UP,Bihar and Gujarat one is lulled into a false sense of security as for as Tamil Nadu is concerned.
Thanks to the effort of an 80 + elderly Man, Sri.Rama Gopalan, Chief of Hindu Munnani,who raises the voice of Hinduism and Hindus,a Documentary was released(CDs)  in Chennai on 22.
The CD was released by Dr. Subramanian Swamy.
It is a known fact that Dindigul,Vellore Districts are infested with extremism.

In Ambur Tamil Nadu policenen were brutally assaulted

Women police were molested.


According to police, the agitators, mostly members of Thowheed Jamath and Thamizhaga Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, blocked the stretch between OAR Theatre and the railway station.

About 100 persons have been arrested in connection with the violence unleashed by a mob which blocked the Chennai-Bangalore National Highway and pelted policemen with stones injuring 38 of them here on Saturday night.

The arrests were made on Sunday after a group of agitators torched two police vehicles and a Tasmac outlet. The group caused damage to a private hospital, a lodge and seven buses; seized a van near the Ambur taluk police station, four motorcycles and 12 push carts.

According to police, the agitators, mostly members of Thowheed Jamath and Thamizhaga Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam, blocked the stretch between OAR Theatre and the railway station demanding the arrest of Martin Premraj, Inspector of Police, Pallikonda Police Station, in connection with the death of Shameel Ahmed (26) of Ambur.

He had died at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai, where he was admitted for treatment of injuries sustained allegedly during inquiry by the Pallikonda police .

Even before the body of Ahmed arrived in Ambur, a huge mob gathered in front of the police station on Saturday night and demanded the arrest of the Inspector.

Even as senior police officials were negotiating, the crowd started pelting the policemen with stones. Since the situation became uncontrollable, police resorted to lathi charge. The body of Ahmed was buried at 3 a.m. on Sunday amid tight security .

There is a village Melvisharam , near Vellore where Hindus are in minority.
Here the Municipal organisation was controlled by Muslims.
Basic amenities were denied to Hindu areas unless the Hindus convert.
This situation was reversed only after Dr.Swamy moved the court.
Watch the video prepared by Hindu Munnani and released by Dr.Subramanian Swamy.(posted at the beginning of the post.)

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