Explanation Of OM Letter In Sanskrit

OM,AUM is a Mantra, a Mystically locked sound.

It does not belong to one religion, but to Humanity.

The OM MantraImage.jpeg
OM Mantra..

It is a soundless sound that creates vibrations , both at the sub atomic level and at the macro Level.

It alters the micro and macrocosm.

I have written articles on the import of OM, its scientific validation and how it is the breath of the Earth.

One curious fact about OM, is that the Sanskrit script in which it is written represents some basic principles of Nature.

  • The large lower left curve represents Vaishvanara: The waking state/conscious mind/gross world.
  • The upper left curve represents Prajana: The dreamless state/unconscious mind/casual state
  • The large curve on the right represents Taijasa: The dreaming state/active unconscious/subtle world.
  • The semicircle represents Maya: The illusion that prevents us from seeing we are all one/paradoxical waking state/duality.
  • The dot represents Turiya: The infinite/pure consciousness/oneness.

By Ramanis blog

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