Murugan Teaches Shiva Pranava Veda Swamymalai

Because Kaarthikeya, called Murugan in Tamil,taught the precept of the Veda to Shiva, Guru of Gurus, a realized souls Brahmin, Murugan, meaning most beautiful, came to be known as Subrahmanya, The best among Brahmins, those who realized brahman, the Reality.

How Sri Yantra Was Created

In some Mantras these sounds though invisible are embedded in Mantras and stotras by Great Acharyas.

Soundaryalahari By Adi Shankaracharya contains the 51 Bheejaksharas, the Seed sounds of Devi , they are embedded in the text though it is invisible.

Each God is assigned specific numbers of letters, called Aksharas,

Interesting to note that Akshara, loosely translated as Letters means Limitless, therby signifying the power of sound produced by each letter.

OM In Sumerian Prayer 2600 BC Predates Veda

I have written on the early connections between the Sumerians and The Tamils of India and the probability of the ancestors of Sumerians and MU people being Tamils.

And Lord Rama , His Brother Bharata and King Dasaratha feature in Sumerian Kingslist!

“Those who recite the sound Om, (activates deathless Light in the body) and becomes radiant (amar su-ti-a)”

~ Temple Hymn 31

OM Alters Genes Immunity Massachusetts General Hospital

Its ability to affect the Electro Magnetic Filed around and in us.

Its resonance is that of the Earth, Schumann Resonance.

OM’s effects on the individual’s mind state, especially the Alpha Waves is staggering.

I have published articles on these subjects

Explanation Of OM Letter In Sanskrit

OM,AUM is a Mantra, a Mystically locked sound. It does not belong to one religion, but to Humanity. It is a soundless sound that creates vibrations , both at the sub atomic level and at the macro Level. It alters the micro and macrocosm. I have written articles on the import of OM, its scientific… Continue reading Explanation Of OM Letter In Sanskrit