Manu To Janamejaya Mahabharat Kuru Dynasty

This is the Family Tree of the Kurus.


Click on the Image to enlarge.


Manu to Janamejaya Family Tree. ImageGif.
Manu to Janamejaya Family Tree. Image credit.http://www.oocities.org/
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  1. Good representation. Matsya was the first incarnation of Vishnu who helped King Manu to survive. This is the first evolution phase of earth. After that, Vishnu in his second incarnation (Varah) rescued the earth from Daitya Hiranyaksh (brother of Hiranyakashapu) who submerged earth in water (Ocean) and this is referred as second major evolution phase on earth. During samudramanthan, Vishnu supported Mandarachal mountain used to churn.


  2. The order of Krishna’s son and grandson are reversed. Anirudha is the son of Pradyumna. Can you also mention where the references to Ravana 1 and 2 were obtained from. While the entire line of kings from MIthila are known as Janaka, never knew of multiple Ravanas.


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