Hinduism On Normal Supra and Para Normal

A thing Is , Is Not and Indescribale at the same time-based on the same Logic. So in Hinduism Nothing is a Miracle, Para Normal or Supra Normal. We have Rishis and Siddhas who transcend Time and Space, assume minute forms 'Take huge forms, enter into a dead body..

Gondswana Proves How Sanatana Dharma Spread

The descriptions found in the Puraná about the descriptions of the Land Masses, check out. This could explain why the Sanatana Dharma remains are found everywhere. It was not difficult for Sanatana Dharma to spread. By looking at the position of India in the map, one can understand how the Tsunami devoured India and how Sanatana Dharma was right in describing geographical details .

Why Gita Should Not Be India’s National Scripture

talks of Humanity as a whole, does not attempt to proselytize, it was delivered by One whose Historicity is proved, And not by one whose life and teachings were chosen to be written  three hundred years after his death, for some one's political  convenience,