Mantra For Dumbness Autism

Nothing can be more painful for a parent whose child is afflicted with Autism,save the Loss of Children.

Modern medicine has supportive medicine but there seems to be no effective cure.

Ayurveda seems to offer some relief.

I am providing some information towards the conclusion of this Post.

lalitamahatripurasundai .jpg.
Lalita MahtripuraSunadari

When all your efforts fail, there is nothing but to Pray The One.

I am providing three Mantras for Relief and possible cure from these afflictions, Dumbness and Autism.

Parents are to recite this Mantra for Forty Five Days starting from Suklapaksha Chaturthi or Panchami(the fourth or the Fifth day of the waxing Moon).

Early morning recital is most effective, between 4-30 and 6 am.

Face North-east

1008 times a Day.

If you have an Image of Gayatri or Saraswati or Lord Krishna with Flute, Pray in front of the Image.

Naivedya .Kalkandu,Rock Candy,Kallu Sakkare (Kannada)Kalkandu(kal – rock, kandu – candy) (Tamil), “Kalkandam” (Malayalam) “khadi sakhar”

(Marathi), mishri (Hindi) and kalakanda/patika bellam(Telugu) for Sarasvathi Mantra.

1. Sarasvathi Moola Mantra.

Om Eim Saraswatyai Swaha !

2.Soundarya Lahari.

Yantra to be made on gold or copper plate. Sit facing North-East. Chant this sloka 1008. times a Day

The Yantra.

Soundaryalahari 17 Yantra Image-.jpg
Yantra for The Dumb Autitism Soundarya Lahari 17

Savitreebhirvaacaam sasimanisilaabhangarucibhih
Vasinyaadhyabhistwaam saha janani sancintayatiyah
Sa kartaa kaavyaanaam bhavati mahataam bhangirucibhi
Vacobhir vaagdevi vadana kamala moda madurai -17

सवित्रीभिर्वाचां शशिमणिशिलाभङ्गरुचिभि:

वशिन्याद्याभिस्त्वां सह जननि ! सञ्चिन्तयति य:

स कर्त्ता काव्यानां भवति महतां भङ्गिरुचिभि:

वचोभीर् वाग्देवीवदनकमलामोदमधुरै:  ॥  १७

twaam – you
janani – Oh!goddess Supreme
sancintayati – thinks or imagines
yah – whoever
Sa – he
kartaa – creator
kaavyaanaam – divine poems
bhavati – become
mahataam – great people
bhangirucibhi – shines as the divine poems
Vacobhi: – by words
vaagdevi – saraswati the goddess of words
vadana kamala – lotus face of
moda madurai – sweet as the parimalam

Oh! Supreme Goddess!
One who propitiates you as surrounded and being propitiated by the vasini-vaag devatas [who are the creator of the words and having the brilliance of the broken candra-kaanta stone], he becomes the kaavya karta of the divine poems of sweet words [as if coming from the mouth of Goddess saraswati devi] {like the valmiki,vedavyaasa, kaalidaasa etc.}


Cooked rice mixed with curd, milk, fruits and honey.

3.On Lord Krishna.

मूकं करोति वाचालं पङ्गुं लङ्घयते गिरिं ।
यत्कृपा तमहं वन्दे परमानन्द माधवम् ॥
Muukam Karoti Vaacaalam Panggum Langghayate Girim |
Yat-Krpaa Tamaham Vande Param-Aananda Maadhavam ||

1: (I Remember with Devotion the Divine Grace of Krishna Who can make the) Dumb speak with Eloquence and the Lame cross high Mountains,
2: I Remember and Extol that Grace which flows from the Supreme Bliss manifestation of Madhava.

Face North East.

1008 times daily.

Naivedyam. Sakkari Pongal.

Ayurveda cure .

General Diet Rules


Vata pacifying general diet should be followed (see recipes below for Vata diet)

Only ghee and olive oils should be used with a special emphasis on pure cow ghee.

Ghee goes in and pulls out lipid soluble chemicals from the brain and nerve tissue, thus it detoxes the brain, nourishes the brain cells and repairs damage from the toxins that have caused the autism.

To learn to make pure cow ghee please see recipes section below.

Organic ingredients should be used as much as possible.

Home made lassi (see recipes) should be served daily after lunch. ¼ cup of yoghurt to ¾ cups of water blended with spices such as cardamon, black pepper and cinnamon. A little jaggery or raw sugar can be added too. For a digestive lassi add cumin, coriander and ginger.

5-6 drops of coriander juice should be put into food each meal as a seasoning.

Diluted fresh pomegranate juice should be taken daily if possible (not easily available in South Africa but it does grow quite extensively so ask at local organic farmers market to find a source).



All refined processed and chemical food (this includes white sugar, chips, chocolates, white flour, soft drinks and most anything you would find in a modern supermarket shelf)


Old cheeses

Cold foods and drinks

Microwaved food

Nightshades and legumes other than green and white mung should be avoided

All soya products and their derivatives should be avoided


If you are lactose intolerant and can’t take organic milk then make almond or rice milk (do not purchase ready made milk powders). To make almond milk, soak and skin some almonds and blend with water.




Only filter water should be used for cooking and drinking. RO is the preferred method of filtration we suggest. Keep a few rose-quartz crystals in your water container to purify and energise the water.


Fresh sweet fruits should be juiced by a masticating juicer (such as an Oscar or Kempo) and taken every day at least 1-2 cup fulls apart from daily meals.

Recommended juices for autism:

Mango and Paw paw

Apple and grape

Grape and carrot

Apple and carrot

Paw paw and pineapple

Litchi and apple

Fresh fruit juices (especially if organic and in season) aid in detoxification of all tissues and are very calming and soothing to the mind and nerves.

NB: Only use fruits that are in season and ideally organic otherwise peel them.

Daily Practices


Vata oil should be applied daily to the entire spine slightly warmed and Vata Hair Oil should be applied to the head especially the crown of the head. Vata oil should also be applied on the third eye sand on the hands and up to the elbow. You can blend 50% vata oil and 50% cold-pressed sesame oil if your budget can not afford to always use the pure vata oil.

Almond oil should also be applied to the head and feet daily.

Ayurveda information source below.

Autism Cure Ayurveda

Mantras based on Nakshatra.

Following photo is from the temple of Virupaksha,Mulabagal.

Will be writing on Mantras related to Nakshatras,on which the affected are born.

Autism Mantra at Virupaksha Temple Mulabagal
Autism Mantra at Virupaksha Temple
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39 responses to “Mantra For Dumbness Autism”

  1. if mother performs above mantras chanting then what she will do during the periods or those five days


    • The Mantra need not be recited on these days.If Father recites, during these days it is ok.If he can not , it does not matter as the original vow has been taken by the mother.Preferable if both Mother and Father take the vow.


    • Shall check and let know.Which Devi temple you prefer?I have two temples in my mind.Kolluru Mookambika and Thirukkadavur Abhirami for Autism problem.
      The former is in Karnataka, the latter one in Tamil Nadu.


  2. Sir pls let me know The temple and mantra for children who are restless in class and knowing every thing we should not do but also they do the things which is very harmful or behavioural problem pls let me know


  3. Sir can you pls suggest some ayurvedic organisations or doctors whom we can consult for treatment of autism through ayurvedic therapy. Also we heard about conch cell (dakshinavarti sankha or lakshmi sankha) by drinking water stored in it helps in developing speech. Do you know any thing about it. My son is 2years&8months,he had seizures combined with autism and had not developed speech yet. Pls help.


  4. Sir pls reply if u got any infomation regarding my previous querries. I want to buy vata oil. But instead of banyan pharmaceuticals i am unable to find any other. Is the company preferable. Thanks in advance for your valuable blog.


    • Efficacy of Ayurveda is being studied.Check if any of the following ingredients are used.One thing about Ayur Veda is that it does not produce side effects.
      1. In a study conducted in Australia, Brahmi, (Bacopa Monneiri) has been established to delay the forgetting process, implying Brahmi improves memory.
      2.Benaras Hindu University has successfully conducted the a study on anti-depressant activity of Asperagus racemosus(Shatavari0 in an animal experimental study.
      3.Shankhapushpi (clitoria ternatia) – Research conducted in collaboration with kasturba medical college, Manipal, India showed that – Treatment with 100 mg/kg of Clitoria ternatea aqueous root extract (CTR), for 30 days in neonatal and young adult age groups of rat, significantly increased acetylcholine (ACh) content in their hippocampi as compared to age matched controls. Increase in ACh content in their hippocampus may be the neurochemical basis for their improvised learning and memory.
      Try visiting the Virupaksha temple.Two of my readers have reported improvement.


  5. My child is born on 11-10-2013 at 9:02AM. We are planning to visit the temple on 28th or 30th of this month. Pls tell us which will be the best day and time to visit the temple.


  6. Thank you for the information, help and support. Autism parents need this. For doing japa 1008 times, should we just do 10 mala of 108 beads? That would make it 1080 instead of 1008, or should be do 9 mala and 36 times on top of it to make it exact 1008? Thank you very much.


  7. Respected sir
    My son is not able to speak and is 6yrs old. We tried some therapies such as speech, or, Nero etc for 8 months but was very costly and latter dropped because of financial reasons.
    At the age of 2.5 year we got his tongue tie released also and he was uttering papa, mummy, and, mammy but all of a sudden he stopped.
    People say my son has autism but I denied.
    Please help me as due to tension my wife is also depressed and self is also helpless.


  8. Your Blog is really very useful. I have done some research in medical astrology and am able to distinguish spectrum autism/dumbness or mental retardation and the degree of severity of such diseases through birth charts. I would like to help anyone approaching me. My phone number is 7838002955 and I am available on WhatsAapp for astro guidance absolutely free of charge.


  9. As a parent to autism, the first thing you need to do is educate yourself and everyone around your child about autism. Second, look for early intervention centers around your area and get your child started on intervention therapy as soon as possible. Third, be involved in your child’s intervention in every way possible and be an interventionist yourself in his home environment. Read more info about early behavioral intervention at


    • Yes. Group therapy helps. But my experience has shown that medication as suggested by some produces side effects, with no significant improvement in the condition. Reason is, doctors are reluctant to admit, that not much is known about Autism cure. Parents can help by constant supervision and the presence of normal siblings and children of same age group helps. But in certain cases aggressive behaviour is noted. In such cases it is difficult for parents. The Mantras suggested and visit to specific temple has reduced the aggressive behaviour and improvement is noted in Autistic children as recorded by readers of this blog.


  10. Totally three mantras are there…shall we recite any one or all the three…we should use that copper plate yantra if we chant that Soundarya Lahari….or else it’s not needed right…from where we can buy that copper plate yantra…I do simple Pooja at home…m not a well versed one…so pls excuse…kindly reply sir..thank you..


  11. Sir,
    Just now i saw your blog.Thank you very much for your blog.I am mother of mild autistic 3.6yrs girl.She will talk nicely(word clarity is 85 to 90%) in home with me and my husband. Once we are out of house she wont talk with anyone.She developed speech at 3yrs.My husband do not believe she has mild autism problem,So i am the only one who need to handle her,I am seeing the difference between my girl and other normal kids.She is going to school from last 8months but still she is crying while going to school.I am working women unfortunately i cannot quit my job too..She is not recognizing colors also… After seeing your blog i do not know i am feeling some what relaxed.From last 2 months i am doing some research on autism daily i am asking lord Krishna why he did not mention anything about autism and autism cure.Getting tears while writing this comment.I am from Hyderabad,if you know any good Ayurveda doctors in Hyderabad please let me know,India. Once again thank you very much for this blog and i am going to try your suggestions and i will plan to visit the temple.


  12. Dear Sir, can I just chant the Saraswati Moola mantra 1008 times a day? or do I have to chant all three listed?

    In addition, can I chant while doing my morning activities? My wife also recently had a small fracture and hence cannot move around easily. I often end up doing minor things in the morning like boiling milk, keeping rice and holding my son while she gets ready and stuff.


  13. Thanks a lot for the information, sir. But I don’t know sanskrit. Is there any audio files for these mantras kindly advise


    • There are a lot of information on Sanskrit and Sanskrit texts and audio.You may check YouTube.Also in most of my articles on mantras and slokas, I have provided audio,text files Regards


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