Lord Krishna Always Remembers, Repays……..How?

Yudhistira and  Draupadiwere ridding in a Chariot.

On the way they saw Lord Krishna was taking bath in a river.

Krishna as a Toddler.jpgLord Krishna attended Tamil Poet summit.jpg
Toddler Krishna.

On seeing him Yudhistira stopped the Chariot to enquire of Lord Krishna.

But Krishna did not come ashore.

He continued standing in the water.

After a few minutes Draupadi, who is the sister Lord Krishna,ripped a portion of her Saree and threw it to Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna wrapped it around his waist and came ashore,

The reason for Krishna not coming ashore was that his Kaupeena(underwear-Loin Cloth) was washed away in the River.

Draupadi,also called Krishnai(because she was black) understood this and threw the cloth to him.

Krishna blessed them both and said to Draupadi ‘I will remember this’

After a while Yudistira and Draupadi rode away.

Yudishtira was lost in thoughts,looking worried.

Draupadi told him that there was no necessity for him to look glum especially after being Blessed by Lord Krishna.

”That’s exactly what I am worried about said Yudhistira.

“It was  all-right for Krishna to Bless us, But he said ‘I will remember this’

That’s what I am worried about.

Did he mean that you shall come to such a grief that  only by the remembrance of  Krishna , you might be saved.?”

Truly Krishna remembered this and came to the rescue of Draupadi when she was publicly disrobed and none did utter a word.

What a way and Time to remember!

He remembers every thing.

He informs Arjuna in the Second Chapter of the Bhagavad Gita , when Arjuna was despondent about the necessity of killing his kith and kin.

‘Arjuna, you grieve for those whom need not be grieved for….

The Atman,Self is Eternal,it is never Born nor does it die…

But the difference between you and Me is that I remember my previous Births while you do not’

In our ignorance we forget Him,

but He……NEVER.

Sarvam Krishnaarppanamasthu.

6 responses to “Lord Krishna Always Remembers, Repays……..How?”

    • Sakhi literally means Companion or very Close9feminine gender)
      If this has been used to denote to emphasize as ‘being very close to Krishna’, it is acceptable.
      But to connote any other meaning is incorrect.


  1. Don’t make this story out of nothing. This story is fake. The only tre part is that Lord Krishna covered Draupadi with clothes while Dushasan tried to disrobe her.
    Draupadi was never a sister to Krishna.
    One does not have to give anything to Lord Krishna to seek His blessing, only love and devotion. Draupadi seeked shelter in Lord Krishna and He protected her …. Om Namoh Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah !!!!


    • The entire story of the Mahabharatha is the allegorical description of virtues and vices. I am not sure such an episode is available in the original text by Vyasa. But what it conveys is Draupathy’s grasping ability of unusual and awkward situatuions and presence of mind in response. Being the longest epic, it is conveniently presumable that additions or interpolations like this one might have been caused by later exponents to emphasize a particular view-point. Therefore, what the story implies, I think, is that even a God-incarnate may face such an awkward situation in life and become helpless and it is the responsibility of a devotee to understand and respond forthwith. But, the irony is that Krishna did not ask any help either from Draupathy or Yudhishtra but he came to the rescue of her only at the last second that too on her dropping of personal efforts and calling Him.


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