Earlier Manus Aliens? We Are First Humans?

Mayan Pyramid Shoots Light Beam up

When one reads ancient texts of India, one is to be cautious in understanding it. It might appear, some narrations at least, to be far fetched, bordering on fantasy. However, one would them to be factually correct if the reader spends time and cross check the body of Knowledge that is at our disposal. Most of us assume that Basic theories of Physics in general is enough to understand the Universe and it’s mysterious ways.And the scientific theories we cling to prove or disprove information ,are those that have Application that has its uses in our daily Life. Most of us do not know the advanced theoretical aspects of Physics, especially those relating to Time,Space, Astrophysics,Determining the Universe,Multiverse,Black/ WhiteHole,Wormhole,Matter ,AntiMatter….

Such theories are found in Ancient Indian Texts, which were verified and found to be correct. One would find the velocity of Light more precisely measured , Gravitational theories explained, growth of Foetus in Womb…the list is long. Please Google search term plus ramanis blog/ ramanan50.

One such Concept found in Indian texts in the Concept of Time as Non- Linear and it’s Conception as Cyclic. That is Time does not travel in a straight line, but travels round and round, Cyclic. That is there is No Yesterday,No Today and NoTomorrow.Time is A Continuous Flow.Our Mind differentiates this flow into Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by the instruments of the Mind, Space and Time.If we remove these two spectacles of Space and Time from our Mind, we can not Conceive Anything,as Observed by Immanuel Kant in his Critique of Pure Reason /Practical Reason.

So what we observe is conditioned by Space and Time.The Observable Universe is not what we Observe. Today, Quantum Physics proves theory. Also the Cyclic Nature of Time.

What we Observe, can also be Present or Exist at a different Level, Plane of Existence. The Observer modifies the Observed and the Observed modifies the Observer. Quantum proves that an Atom can be be present at more than one place , All at the Same Time. Where they are Perceived determines Where they Exist.And it is not the other way around.

Nobody disagrees with the Concept that Energy once Created can Never be destroyed.( That whether Energy can be created ,is a big IF.)Hence , what ever we were, what ever we had done, can never be destroyed because all are Forms of Energy, including our Thoughts .Where have they gone? They have not gone anywhere. They are There where We Perceived Them To Be, and We Are Now where We Perceive, We ARE. So , theoretically Both facts, that is what we were, which we can not Perceive Now, and where We are Now are True.Only difference is that we do not recall/ recall.

Now, to Indian texts about Cosmology and Details about the First Man. These details are described in Puranas, meaning Ancient History, and Ithihasa,Meaning It happened Thus(History) Major Puranas are Eighteen.Ithihasas are two. All of these speak about Cosmology and Details about the the First Human Being.
Puranas provide detailed information on these aspects while Ithihasas, Ramayana and Mahabharata do not cover these points exhaustively.

Time , according to Puranas , is Cyclic. Indian system has minutest measurements of Time as also for Vast Stretches. Read The Time Concept. https://ramanisblog.in/2012/10/16/time-non-linear-theory-indian-thoughts-1/

In these vast stretches of Time, one part is Manvantara. There are Fourteen Manvantaras.Each Manvantara is equivalent to. Each Manvantara had Fourteen Manus,Rulers,One for Each Manvantara.Fourteen Manvantaras make one Day of Brahma ,The Creator,though technically He projects.He does this after 100 Divine years.

Following is the list of fourteen Rulers, Manus.

Manu and Manvantara

Manu is considered the author of ancient Sanskrit code of law called Manu Smriti. Manu is the head of each Kalpa (Aeon), which consists of fourteen Manvantaraas. Each Manvantara lasts for the lifetime of a Manu and hence there are 14 different Manus such as Swayambhu Manu, Svarochisha Manu, Uttama Manu, Tapasa Manu, Raivata Manu, Chakshusha Manu, Vaivasvata Manu, Savarni Manu, Daksha Savarni Manu, Brahma Savarni Manu, Dharma Savarni Manu, Rudra Savarni Manu, Deva Savarni Manu and Indra Savarni Manu heading 14 Manvantaras respectively.

Each Manvantara contains nearly 306,720,000 years. After these 14 Manvantaras, that particular Kalpa ends. Each Kalpa is nearly equal to 4.32 billion years. There are many kalpas while the name of the present Kalpa is Bhadra Kalpa, the previous Kalpa is Vyuhakalpa and the next one will be Nakshatrakalpa https://www.tutorialspoint.com/who-was-the-first-person-on-earth-according-to-hindu-mythology

.Of these ,First six Manus do not refer to Earth at all, but refer to places which we do not understand. Paradox is that all of them are also present in some form even now.There is the reference of Earth and it’s evolution in the Seventh Manvantara, Vaivaswatha Manvantara, in which we Are.Here the Puranas describe that the Earth was affected by a great Tsunami and Manu, the first Human Being was advised by a Makara, Belonging to Fish Family, to move to a higher place. Manu meditated and moved from the south of Vindhyas to North, to Ayodhya.His son Inshvaku founded the Surya Vamsa, Solar Dynasty.Sri Rama belongs to this dynasty. Manu’s description and events are described in the present Time scale, Vaivaswatha ……

Manu References

4.2.The Shatapatha Brahmana (I.8.1.5) says that a little fish (a shaphari crap fish)  asked a  king to save its life while he was performing his early morning- austerities  standing in the river : and it kept growing bigger and bigger. The fish also informed the King of a huge flood which would soon hit and sweep away his land. The King thereafter built a huge boat to rescue his people, nine types of seeds, and animals in order to repopulate the earth. Accordingly, the king was taken to a Northern Mountain, where all were saved from the flood.

tamevam bhṛtvā samudram abhyavajahāra | sa yatithīṃ tatsamām paridideṣa tatithīṃ samāṃ  nāva mupakalpyopāsāṃ cakre sa augha utthite nāva-māpede taṃ sa matsya
upanyā pupluve tasya śṛṅge nāva pāśam pratimumoca tenaitam uttara
 atidudrāva 1.8.1.[5]

[H.S. Bellamy in his Moons, Myths and Men, estimates that altogether there are over 500 Flood legends worldwide. Ancient civilizations such as – China, Babylonia, Wales, Russia, India, America, Hawaii, Scandinavia, Sumatra, Peru, and Polynesia- each has its own version of a giant flood].https://sreenivasaraos.com/tag/dravida/.

“Yo ‘sau satyavrato nāma, rājarṣir draviḍeśvaraḥ

Jñānaḿ yo ‘tīta-kalpānte, lebhe puruṣa-sevayā

Sa vai vivasvataḥ putro, manur āsīd iti śrutam

Tvattas tasya sutāḥ proktā, ikṣvāku-pramukhā”

-Srimad Bhagavatham 9.1.2-3

yaḥ asau — he who was known;

satyavrataḥ — Satyavrata;

nāma — by the name;

rāja-ṛṣiḥ — the saintly king;

draviḍa-īśvaraḥ — the ruler (lord, master) of the Draviḍa countries;

jñānam — knowledge

; yaḥ — one who;

atīta-kalpa-ante — at the end of the last kalpa,

lebhe — received;

puruṣa-sevayā — by rendering service to the Purusha;

saḥ — he;

vai — indeed;

vivasvataḥ — of Vivasvān;

putraḥ — son;

manuḥ āsīt — was  the Vaivasvata Manu;

iti — thus;

śrutam — I have already heard;

tvattaḥ — from you;

tasya — his;

sutāḥ — sons;

proktāḥ — have been explained;

ikṣvāku-pramukhāḥ — headed by Ikṣvāku;

nṛpāḥ — many kings.

That saintly king and ruler (king) of the Dravida Countries who was known by the name of Satyavrata, at the end of the last kalpa (before the Pralaya) .. received knowledge by service to The Purusha, he indeed was Vaivaswata Manu, the son of Vivaswan, his sons have been proclaimed as the kings, famous as the Ikshvakus.

Ramas Anestor Manu Dravida Srimad Bhagavadham

Manvantara.Rama, his descendant, after whom Ramayana is, from Treta Yuga.

Treta Yuga is separated by from our Kaliyug by thousands of years; we are in Kali around 5120; The Yuga which preceded Kaliyuga is 8,64,000 years . Treta Yuga happenes before Kali Yuga.

Each Yuga under Manvantara are Satya,Treta,Dwapara and Kali.Time scale below.

One thousand cycles of these Chatur( Four) Yugas make one Manvantara.

The Manvantara that Preceded our Manvantara is Caksusha Manvantara. There the Vishnu takes the form of Ajith. But no reference of flood. But what happened in Mahabharata in Dwapara Yuga is mentioned by stating that Krishna’ s elder Brother would marry Revathi.

We are now in the Seventh Manvantara, Vaivaswatha Manvantara.

And Each Manvantara contains nearly 306,720,000 years. After these 14 Manvantaras, that particular Kalpa ends. Each Kalpa is nearly equal to 4.32 billion years. There are many kalpas while the name of the present Kalpa is Bhadra Kalpa, the previous Kalpa is Vyuhakalpa and the next one will be Nakshatrakalpa. we find in Sri Bhagavadha Purana that Vaivaswatha Manu ,also called as Sraddhadeva Manu meditated in the south and the Cosmology and Details of the First Man follows.( Found in all Purana , in greater detail in Sri Vishnu Puran).

The present Manvantara alone talks about Flood and Manu, called as Vaivaswatha Manu.Earlier Six Manvantaras do not speak about this. They talk about Seven Eternal Rishis,Saptha Rishis,who are ever present in All Time Scales, Navaprajapathis,Nine Progenitors, which includes Daksha, Father of Sati Devi,wife of Sri. Siva.They also talk about events like Balarama’ s marriage with Revathi,About Vyasa having composed Mahabharata specific to each Yuga ( one must remember each Mahayuga has 1000*Chatur Yugas and there is Manvantara , 306,720,000* 14=!!! Beyond imagination).These texts also speak of temples we find even Today.

Sraddha Deva Manu is mentioned as having been involved in establishing human race and formation of earth is mentioned for Vaivaswatha Manvantara. This means that from Caksusha Manvantara backwards there was no Human Activity.Yet The Human activities are mentioned/ referred to in these earlier Manvantaras.

That is minimum 306,720,000 * 14 years ago!

It only leads to the hypothesis that the Persons mentioned in the earlier Manvantaras , when they are called as Devas or Celestial Beings from a different plane of Existence, when the post of Indra,Chief of Devas is Ex Officio,are/ were really not from the Earth and they were from other plane of Existence.And the Prediction/assertion of events taking place in our Time scale,which was much ahead of them, makes one to think that there/ they were Aliens and they had interfered with us earthlings . And there is a view that Shiva Linga spewed the first DNA on Earth.More articles to follow.

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