Mayan Pyramid Shoots Light Beam up

Earlier Manus Aliens? We Are First Humans?

It only leads to the hypothesis that the Persons mentioned in the earlier Manvantaras , when they are called as Devas or Celestial Beings from a different plane of Existence, when the post of Indra,Chief of Devas is Ex Officio,are/ were really not from the Earth and they were from other plane of Existence.And the Prediction/assertion of events taking place in our Time scale,which was much ahead of them, makes one to think that there/ they were Aliens and they had interfered with us earthlings

Scientists Capture Invisible Motion Of Baby

Motion, as we know, is change of position of an object with reference to Tome and a frame of reference to a previous position/point. If one studies the definition carefully, we would … Continue reading Scientists Capture Invisible Motion Of Baby