Bhramari Pranayama Kills Covid Virus Scientific Paper.How To Do Bhramari Pranayama

There have been ‘n’ number of remedies suggestions and diet recommendations for curing Covid Infection.People are resorting to steaming the nose saying that it will kill the Covid virus lurking deep inside the nose. This has been doing the rounds in Whatsup under a ‘Declaration by Air Chief Marshal’. Immediately following this news ,there was a talk by eminent doctors ,pulmonologist, that steaming would permanently rupture the capillaries in the lungs and the streaming practice is worse than the disease!

So, one gets confused as to what one has to do.

On the other hand, many doctors say that the best immune system ever known is Human Body. It is the best known system. Whatever treatment that is offered is only to enable our body defence system to identify ,fight and kill the virus , in this case, the Covid virus, by producing Antibodies.

Covid Vaccines are based on this principle of enabling body to identify and destroy the Covid virus. Pfizer’s Vaccine,Moderna,Sputnik,Astra Zeneca, Covishield,Covaxin..all are based on this Principle.So the best known course to fight Covid Virus is to get vaccinated .

I just saw a video clip where a gentleman was saying that US and Israel have developed a nasal spray that kills the Covid Virus, by producing Nitric Oxide.He goes on to add that Pranayama produces /increases Nitric Oxide. And one should continue Pranayama to destroy Covid Virus.

As claims about Covid Cure is always a suspect,I checked the facts.

It transpires that Nitric Oxide kills Viruses and Bramri Pranayama produces Nitric Oxide.Please read the material from the scientific journal, which I have reproduced herebelow.

Improved severe hypoxia and shortened the stay in ICU and ventilatory support. Nitric Oxide increased the survival rate. The genetic composition of Corona Virus (SARS-CoV) is almost similar to Covid-19, thus indicates good chances of effectiveness or enhancement in results by Nitric Oxide along with other modes in treatment of Covid-19 [2].

As discussed earlier nitric oxide inhibits viral protein and RNA. It has been observed that Nitric Oxide Synthase reduces the yield of progeny virus by 82% thus by virtue of its anti viral effect reduces the replication of corona virus [3].

Nitric Oxide may also stimulate ciliary motility [4] inhaled NO therapy is clinically approved in new born children with persistent pulmonary hypertension [5].

It has been proved by studies by serendipity humming increases NO Expression dramatically [6]. This is as a consequence of oscillating sound wave and affecting air exchange in the sinus. The gas exchanges in the sinus by humming in every single exhalation while it takes 5 min to 30 min in quite breathing for exchange of air in sinuses. We can conclude that NO acts like aaerocrine hormone to enhance pulmonary vascular resistance.

Nitric oxide is a gas molecule which has become an exceptionally important molecule in biophysics. It is a key biological messenger playing an important role in various biological processes at the cellular level. Nitric oxide is known as endothelium-derived relaxing factor and is biosynthesized endogenously from semi-essential amino acid, L-argenine, molecular oxygen, and various nitric oxide synthase enzymes [7]. Nitric oxide is anti inflammatory and contributes to nonspecific host defence against bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic infections, hence takes care of infection in the body. Nitric oxide improves ventilation–perfusion ratio in the lung along with relaxation of bronchial tree smooth muscles, hence oxygen uptake is increased and provides relief in bronchial asthma.

Humming increases the production of nitric oxide. Eby explained humming as a sonic cleanser, cures the infection of respiratory tract. Humming exercise also increases the vital capacity. It is estimated that humming increases the endogenous generation of nitric oxide level by 15-fold as compared with the quite exhalation [8]. Hypoxia in ARD Syndrome leads to blood coagulation by depression of body defence anticoagulatory and fibrolytic properties along with metabolic acidosis. If we go into hypoxic hypercapnic state no hyper coagulation takes place. The metabolic acidosis/acidic pH enhances the clot formation by 168% just by lowering the pH to 6.8 and further aggravate the coagulopathies.

Hence Bhramari by enhancing the expression of Nitric Oxide and increased Carbon dioxide by extended exhalation and alkaline pH prevents coagulopathies and morbidity due to Covid-19.

Foods to enhance Nitric Oxide expression (rich in dietary nitrates, which body can convert to nitric oxide).

1. Beets. 2. Garlic. 3. Meat. 4. Dark Chocolate. 5. Leafy Greens. 6. Citrus Fruits. 7. Pomegranate. 8. Nuts and Seeds. 9. watermalon. 10 Redwine. Addition of beet root in non-diabetics and neem in diabetics may be considered in selective cases. All patients on anti hypertensive may be supplemented with rock salt and relaxation therapy.

Antiviral herbs Ginger, Liquorice, Cinnamon garlic may be added if project permits.

Reference and citation.


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How to do Bramri Pranayama.Sit up straight in a quiet, well-ventilated corner with your eyes closed. Keep a gentle smile on your face.Keep your eyes closed for some time. Observe the sensations in the body and the quietness within.Place your index fingers on your ears. There is a cartilage between your cheek and ear. Place your index fingers on the cartilage.Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, gently press the cartilage. You can keep the cartilage pressed or press it in and out with your fingers while making a loud humming sound like a bee.You can also make a low-pitched sound but it is a good idea to make a high-pitched one for better results.Breathe in again and continue the same pattern 3-4 times.

‘While iNO has not been shown to reduce the time on mechanical ventilation or mortality in adults with ARDS, iNO does significantly improve oxygenation in ARDS patients and leads to reduction in pulmonary vascular resistance (6) (Figure 1). These therapeutic responses suggest that iNO could be used early in the course of COVID-19 infection to reduce the need for invasive mechanical ventilation. Studies of prone positioning and neuromuscular blockers in ARDS both provide a historical reminder of that potential, as clinical trials of early delivery of those therapies demonstrated benefits where prior studies had not ‘


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