Temple Lands Tamil Nadu Five Lakh Acres , No Money For Pooja

The call to have the temples freed from Government control is overdue because of.

  • The Atheistic Attitude of The Government.
  • Secular attitude towards only Hindu temples.
  • Appointment of Atheists and people belonging to other Faiths as Thakkars,Trustees and they are political appointees.
  • Mismanagement of Temple funds
  • Misappropriation of Temple Funds.
  • Neglect of temple traditions.
  • Diversion of temple funds to other departments like social welfare.
  • Leasing temple lands to partymen in a fixed tender practices.
  • Non recovery of lease amounts due to temples.
  • No Independent Audit.

While under the guise of secularism and respect for Religions, Religions like Christianity and Islam are treated better than Hinduism in the land where it is born
Hindu temples come under under the HR& CE department, Government of Tamil Nadu, and under some other name in other States of India. Mosques and Churches do not come under the control of the government. While the Wakf boards and Church adminstration look after their properties, manage and look after them ,Hindu temples can not do so. Even for buying Pooja materials, the priests have to depend on the temple adminstration,which may or may not accede .Temple lands can be disposed of by the department.Temple lands are being occupied by squatters and Madras High court had come heavily on the attempt by the government to legalize squatting.

Check the information below.

‘ temples under the control of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) Department, only 331 have an annual income of more than ₹10 lakh. There are 34,099 temples with an annual income of less than ₹10,000. There are thousands of temples where just one puja is performed. This, despite owning vast tracts of land and other properties, registered in their name. ..

…..According to the data available with The Federal, the department has nearly 5 lakh acres of both dry, wetlands and rainfed lands, 22,600 buildings and 33,665 sites in its possession.

Reference and citation.https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/beyond-faith-the-contentious-issue-of-temple-lands-in-tamil-nadu/article30064891.ece

“We have more than 44,000 temples across the state. Each and every one of them needs to be consecrated once in 12 years. But only 600 of them are affluent. The remaining are located in villages and in an ailing condition. Poojas are conducted at least once a day in these ailing temples for which they need funds. Keeping their condition in view, the state government has deposited ₹1 lakh in the account of around 1,500 Aadi Dravida temples (for scheduled castes) to enable their maintenance through the interest money. The government also diverts surplus funds from affluent temples to the poor ones,” Bharathi adds.

Source. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thefederal.com/analysis/the-unholy-management-of-temples-in-tamil-nadu/amp/

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