Approach God Mother Amba Thaayaar Details

The approach to God and Goddess in Hinduism is highly personal.

One can experience Godhood through either emotions or Reason.

Reason is a double edged sword.

The moment you think you have arrived at a conclusion,your mind questions you and you become indecisive.

Mind is constantly in turmoil.

Hinduism calls Mind,which is also called one of the senses of Perception,is an impediment to self realisation or reaching God.

The use of Intellect,which operates at a higher level than Mind, in self realisation or God,comes under Gnana and Karma Yoga.

These two Yogas are difficult to practice.

The Emotional route to Self Realisation or God is Bhakti Yoga.

Bhakti Yoga needs one important approach.

That of emotional attachment.

And the Will to surrender to God.

This ,too,is difficult.

Hinduism has devised a way to facilitate this.

Whatever one may say,it is heart that rules over reason.

So Hinduism approaches the issue from this angle.

It allows people to relate to God through personal relationship.

You can worship God as Mother,Father, Brother, Sister,Friend,Guide,Lover….

Human beings warm to relationships.

Once when one is attached to God in this frame of Mind,realising God becomes easy.

One such intimate relationship is Mother.

This relationship is universal and supercedes all relationships.

Therefore Hinduism relies heavily on this concept.

Those who follow Saivism call Goddess as Amba,meaning Mother.

And those who follow Vaishnavam call Goddess as Thaayaar,Mother.

The male representation of God concept is incomplete without the female aspect God,Goddess.

Shiva is conceived with Shakti and Vishnu with Sri,Lakshmi.

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