Where Sivas Bow Tip Fell Temple Predicts Events Sivanmalai Subrahmanya

This article is another one on the series on Temples where inexplicable phenomena are observed even today.

Science can not explain it.

Temples where,

Idols change colors daily/once in one and a half hours/once in fifteen days,

Musical pillars,

Where ghee turns butter while performing Abhisheka,

Celestial light appears on a fixed date,

Ghee kept in the closed sanctum does not get spoiled for an year,the lamp keeps burning ,

Where fruit follows leaves,no intermediary stage,

Idol drinks Jaggery water,


We have a temple where Universal events are predicted.

This happens when one places a specific object in a Box.

An individual is intimated through a dream to place an object in a box meant for this.

Some changes are noticed after sometime.

It indicates of things to come.

When water was placed in a vessel,Small Kumba,it overflowed.

This was followed by the Tsunami that struck India.

When gold/Turmeric was placed,price of Gold shot up and never came down to the previous level.

When a fistful of Sand was placed,price of Rice went up.

These have been narrated by a person in the town,who is a reliable witness.

The procedure followed is ,

Lord Subrahmanya would appear in a dream to someone in around Kangeyam,Paramathi,Thiruppur,Vellakkovil and Thennilai.

He/she would come to the temple and explain the dream.

The priest would then write down the item to be placed in the Box with the Name,address and the date and time.

Then they would have a flower,either white or red by a child from the crowd and if white flower is picked,the item would be placed in the box.



The Sivamalai of today is also known as Sivamamalai, Sivachalam, Sivathri, Sivasailam, Sivagiri, and Shakthi Sivamalai. The deity is so powerful because it is supposed to be an integrated embodiment of Siva, Vishnu, Brahama, Murugan, Vinayaka and Indra. In each “yuga” ( the Hindu term to mean eon) Sivamalai has been referred to with special names. Panamalai. Vellimalai, Sembumalai, and now in the Kali yuga as Kamarupa Jothigiri. Such is the antiquity of this sacred mountain.

The Names of The Deity :

Devotion to the deity manifests in many ways. One of them is giving the Lord new names in each era. Perhaps this is a sign of people’s love of the deity. It is also likely that poets and thinkers came up with new names as days went by, and found many ways to re-kindle the Bhakti of pilgrims. Here are the various names by which Sivamalai Murugan is known as : Kandaswami, Kangeyan, Guhan, Kumarar, Guruswami, Shanmukhan, Sivathrinathan, Saravanan, Sravanabavan, Sivasubramanaian, Sivachalan, Sivachalapathi, Sevalavan, Duraiswami, Maragathamayuran, Murugan, Murugayyan, Muthayyan, Vadivelan, Vallimanalan, Veluswami, Visakar, Velayudhan, Velan, and Kalyanasubramaniar.

Origin of Sivamalai :

One of the well known myths associated with Siva is his conquest of Tripuram – the three celestial cities which the Asuras (demons) had taken over, and wreaked havoc over them. The Devas ( celestial gods) appealed to Siva for help and asked him to save them from the demons. Siva made mount Meru his bow, and Vasuki the serpent his bow-string and prepared to wage war against the Asuras. The very tip of Siva’s bow ( Mount Meru) fell on earth and that became Sivamalai according to legend. It is also known as Sakthimalai because Parvathi the goddess did penance once on this hill.

The sage Agastya came to this mountain and performed penance in order to gain knowledge about the Agamas. He also created a natural spring on this mountain from the waters of the Ganga which he brought in his Kamandalam. It is said this miracle took place on Karthigai Pournami day ( full moon in the month of Karthigai) and thus it is venerated by devotees as a special day.


The five special poojas that are conducted daily are called the AINDU KALA VISESHA POOJAKKAL. They are:

► Vizha Pooja ( 6 am)

► Kala Sandhi Pooja ( 9 am)

► Ucchi Kala Pooja ( 12 noon)

► Sayaratchi Pooja ( 6 pm)

► Artha Samam Pooja ( 8 pm)

Monthly poojas.
Every month during Amavasai, Shasti, and Kiruthigai, special poojas are performed when devoties visit the temple in large numbers to seek the blessings of Sivamalai Andavar.

Contact information.

Address: Arulmigu Subramanyaswamy Temple, Sivanmalai Post, Kangayam 638701, Tirupur District. Tamilnadu.

Office : 04257 – 220680

Hill Temple : 04257 – 220630

Fax : 04257 – 223630

E-Mail ID : sivanmalaikovil@yahoo.com

Check phone number.



How to reach Sivanmalai.

Nearest Railway Station :

• Tirupur (24 KMs)
• Coimbatore (85 KMs via Palladam), Erode (45 KMs via Arachalur)
• All Express and Trunk Route trains to the South pass through these two stations.

Nearest Airport :

• Coimbatore
• This airport is well connected to Chennai, Bangaluru, Mumbai, & Delhi
• Star Hotels are availble at Erode, Tirupur & Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,India.


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