Maternal 🏠 Home Of Subrahmanya Kurukuthurai

Subrahmanya is the only God with the Sanskrit 'su' to His name, meaning the best. The word Subrahmanya means Best among Brahmins. Su+Brahmana.

Thiruchendur Subrahmanya Stops Storm Idol Recovered From Dutch ?

When you look at closely, it boils down to one testimony, by word, preferably contemporary in nature. Even here if there are more versions, the record becomes questionable

Where Sivas Bow Tip Fell Temple Predicts Events Sivanmalai Subrahmanya

Idol drinks Jaggery water, .... We have a temple where Univesal events are predicted. This happens when one places a specific object in a Box. An individual is intimated through a dream to place an object in a box meant for this.

Murugan Married Valli Kumarakoil Padai Veedu, NOT At Thiruthani?

Nachinarkiniyar , a commentator of ancient Tamil Grammar mentions this fact. Silapaddikaram, one of the Five Epics of Tamil penned by the brother of the Great Chera King Cheran Chengkuttuvan, mentions this as well. He was Illangovadigal. So Thiruthani is not the place where Lord Murugan married Valli and it was Kumaran Koil.

Swamymalai Arupadai Veedu Is Not Thiruveragam, Velimalai Kumaran Koil Is?

IT is in the Western Ghats, down deep south in agreement with ancient landmass and Lankan chronicles call Murugan as Kattrama and Valli the consort of Murugan. And Thiruveragam, the old name seems to fit Velimalai in Kumaran Koil. So it looks as though Swamymalai is not Thiruveragam. And Thiruthani is not where Murugan married Valli.