English Buried Bodies Indian Vedic Way Namasthe Posture

There are tools to verify history.

They are,


Astro dating,

Contemporary writings both internal and external,

Internal information of the relevant texts,


Infra Red dating,

Language and cultural similarities,

Behavioral similarities and customs and

Oral traditions.

While the written records might be destroyed or doctored, as has been the case with India,the Oral traditions and customs are difficult to destroy or manipulate.

I am relying on all these tools tovarrive at a conclusion and salute the Oral traditions and custom oriented life style of Indians.

I have been able to identify linguistic and custom similarities ti trace the presence of Sanana Dharma throughout the world.

The English buried Indian style
Burial style India and Englang

Customs and languages,though they may change, never lose their identity if one were to dig deep.

The customs of Hindus are ,in some ways, unique and they transcend regions.

Hindus have two ways of dead bodies.

Burning and Burial.

Bodies at Winchester cathedral ,UK.
Buried bodies in Winchester Cathedral, England. Palms folded ,the the Hindu way.

Set practices are followed in all the cases.

The procedure for burning the dead body is more elaborate than burial and is more time consuming.

Even in burying several different procedures are followed.

In the case of children ,they are buried.

In the case of elders,they are buried in a sitting posture.

The Ascetics,Royalty, are buried with their palms folded in the form of greeting to wards the sky, keeping the palms folded over the chest.

Brahmins and many communities resort to burning.

In the case of a Sanyasi,the body is buried after breaking a Coconut on the head, while keeping the palms folded as in welcome or Thank you,Namste posture.

Many of the Hindu customs were followed by other civilizations.

However the custom of burying with palms folded was strictly followed by the English when the buried their Royalty and Nobles,thus reaffirming the presence and influence of Sanatana Dharma in England.

The English buried their dead with their Palms folded in Vedic/Hindu tradition.

‘Statues or dead royalty and other elite in Westminster Abbey, London may be seen by the score with their palms joined in homage at death in the Vedic tradition.’

Reference and citation.


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