Yama First To Walk Death, When did Cremation Begin

The Cremation of the Dead spread from Sanatana Dharma to Sumeria,and later to Greeks.

Homer mentions thus,

‘Never again will I return from Hades when I have received my meed of fire”. ‘

-Patroklos,in Homer’s Iliad.

Patroklos, Doesn’t it resemble Pitrulok,the abode of Ancestors of Hinduism?

English Buried Bodies Indian Vedic Way Namasthe Posture

Customs and languages,though they may change, never lose their identity if one were to dig deep.

The customs of Hindus are ,in some ways, unique and they transcend regions.

Hindus have two ways of dead bodies.

Burning and Burial.

Hinduism On Normal Supra and Para Normal

A thing Is , Is Not and Indescribale at the same time-based on the same Logic.

So in Hinduism Nothing is a Miracle, Para Normal or Supra Normal.

We have Rishis and Siddhas who transcend Time and Space, assume minute forms ‘Take huge forms, enter into a dead body..