Death Rites Hinduism Part 2 Day 2 To Thirteen

Twelfth Day, Sapindikarana.

On the eleventh and Twelfth-day the Preta eats the food offered heartily.

On the eleventh and twelfth day all the Pitrus are present.

Vasu,Father; Rudram, Grand father nd great grand father,Adhitya.(Paternal)

The earliest Pitru leaves the Pitru Loka and leaves for the Swarga and the presently decesed joins the Pitrus as the Vasu.

Death Rites Explanation Part 1 Hinduism

The dying is made to lie down head facing South.

The body without Life is called Sava while the state of Jiva(Soul) is Preta.

The Yamadutas, the servants of the Lord of Death, Yama drags the life out.

As soon as the life is out, a small oil lamp lit with Gingelly oil is left near the body’s head.

The body is to be laid on the Dharpa grass.

The body is bathed, daughters, perform this and draped with a new Cloth after removing everything else from the body.

The body is garlanded and Rice is dropped in the mouth by the relatives.

The ceremonies are performed as dictated int the relevant Veda Sutra of the deceased.

The son takes bath and performs the Homa and takes the body with Fire in a pot to the cremation Ground.

The son is expected to shave, in some custom hair of the head is also removed.

At the cremation ground, the son performs Nagna Prachchadana Sraddham,after removing the clothes from the body.

Mantra for Fear Of Death Abhitistava

Fear of Death is mainly due to two factors.

The Pain that might accompany it and

The apprehension on what would happen after Death.

We do not generally dwell on this.
At times even normal people are afflicted with this Fear of Death continuously.

No amount of Counseling might help.

Tranquilizers might grant temporary relief.

And there are terminally Ill patients, those who are suffering from serious ailments which are life threatening.

For them this Fear of death assumes frightening proportions.

I am providing some Mantras for overcoming the Fear of Death.

1. Abhitistavam by Swami Desika.

At And After Death Timeline

he pupils dilate, the jaw might fall open,

the skin will sag,

prominent joints and bones become pronounced.

Pallor mortis causes the usually pinkish tone of the Heart becomes pale.

Algor mortis, the decrease in body temperature follows, (Two degrees Celsius in the first hour; One degree each hour thereafter.)..
Digestion takes place for some time.

Erection and Ejaculation take place.

Moans and Murmurs will be heard because of breaking Gas in the body.

The Signs Of Death Hinduism

Then there will be abnormal sweating, not to be confused with sweating and palpitation associated with heart attack.

Virtually no appetite.

Motion will be scant, if any.

Difficulty in recognizing people, place.

Disorientation of Space.

One may notice the person to whom death is approaching they would stare at space.

In many an instance, they would also tell you they are seeing people, especially the dead.

They would be able to remember their childhood memories child hood friends, friends,but not children, wife.

Then eyesight will go.

Breathing will be deep but will deteriorate into short gasps.

There will be a whistling sound when breathing takes place.

Once people start breathing deeply when awake, it is the custom