What Happens to My Facebook Page after My Death

This is a great question of international curiosity.

I never thought of what would happen to things here after my death., the reason , I have nothing left to leave save my children.

Let alone Facebook Pages.

But no Laws yet.

But, last week, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 222-128 to give Sullivan more time to write an amendment that begins a study of the issue.

Now you can sleep peacefuly

Death in Chapels Photo Essay

St Gratianus is enrobed in rich jewels and fine fabric befitting his state as a martyr. It is known he died for his faith because his bones stand above a chalice filled with dried blood. His remains are on display in the Basilica of Waldsassen in Germany. The Bones of St Pancratius are found at…… Continue reading Death in Chapels Photo Essay

Life Imitates Film, Strange Death Premonition

As an aside, Hindus, till recently were not in the habit of celebrating the Birth Day;Ayush Homa is celebrated every birth day till the Fifth year of the child;then sixtieth Birth Day,Shastiapthapoorthy ,Sathaabhisekam, 80 Birth day and in rare case the completion of the hundredth year.It is of of interest to note that according to Hindu Sastras, the Human Life Cycle for the present Aeon,Kali Yuga, is 120 years;Shastiapthapoorthy being the exact half of this Life cycle is celebrated with pomp)

Life is the process of nearing Death every day,Biologically.

In essence it is a struggle to avoid death,Life is.

As essayed in Final Destination,Death catches up with you even if you try.(as though it were possible)

The incidence reproduced below reminds one of Final Destination.

A Child asks,Why?

I have senses that I can see and what they call as Mind which I can not see,


There are Millions of people as Living beings, yet I am different,


There are Nine holes in my body,but the air I breathe does not leak,


I like some people and I dislike some,


Coffee Slows Down the onset of Death, Study.

Association of Coffee Drinking with Total and Cause-Specific Mortality has conducted a Study and patterns of Habits and impact on Life has come out with the conclusion on Coffee Drinking….. In this large prospective study, coffee consumption was inversely associated with total and cause-specific mortality. Whether this was a causal or associational finding cannot be…… Continue reading Coffee Slows Down the onset of Death, Study.