Heart Stopped Beating 45 Minutes, Recovers

A woman’s heat stopped beating for 45 minutes in England


People including the Doctor gave up on her.


But the Paramedics went on CPR Procedure and her Heart stated beating after 45 minutes and she is recovering.


Hope this does not make people keep the dead for an indefinite period in the hope of reviving them.


Hinduism stipulates that the body may be kept for 96 minutes( Two Muhurtahams).


The body is not to be disposed of before this.


I awit her experiences  during this 45 Minutes to know more about Death.


A 63-year-old woman who was expected to die after her heartstopped for 45 minutes, is recovering well.

Carol Brothers, from Easterton near Devizes, collapsed outside her home from a heart attack, last month.

Paramedics managed to restart her heart and she was airlifted tohospital but her family were told to expect the worst and doctors withdrew medication.

Her daughter, Maxine Dickinson, said doctors “put mum on the pathway to die” but days later “she came back to life”.

Mrs Brothers was returning home from a shopping trip with her daughter when she collapsed, said her husband David.

Induced coma

“I saw them pull up, the next thing I hear is the daughter screaming at the top of her voice and I couldn’t see Carol,” he said.

“So I shot out there and she was flat out on the floor, just changing colour – a horrible colour and basically I panicked.”

Medical support was withdrawn from Mrs Brothers but she is recovering
Medical support was withdrawn from Mrs Brothers but she is recovering

The doctor said she could go quite quickly – and they put mum on the pathway to die”

Maxine DickinsonDaughter

Mrs Brothers’ daughter, with the help of a neighbour, began to administer CPR but she said as far as she was concerned “my Mum was dead on the path”.

“I just went into complete shock,” she said.

(First Response and the paramedics arrived and we stayed out the way because I just couldn’t watch my mum – it was too upsetting.

“But they just kept going and going and going and after 45 minutes did get the heartbeat going.”)




A man has survived against the odds after a heart attack which caused his heart to stop beating for 18 minutes.

Doctors say people can normally survive for up to four minutes after they stop breathing. They are likely to die or suffer serious brain damage after that.

But Rob Waggett, 31, of Newport took a breath after paramedics used a defibrillator seven times to shock him.

Doctors told his wife he survived because his heart kept on quivering four times longer than normal.

His wife Dianna said: “It’s a miracle.”

He was allowed home on Sunday but his short-term memory has been affected by the ordeal.


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